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The system always says wrong verification code or running overtime when trying to sign in Personal Internet Banking? How to deal with it?
This may be caused by local network environment. Please try the following steps: 1) open IE browser, exit after clicking "restore default setup" under "Tools - Internet options - Advanced". 2) choose "check every time visiting this page" under "check newer edition of saved pages" of the "Tools - Internet options - Conventional - Internet temporary file setup". Then click "delete files" in the Internet temporary file setup, and click yes after ticking the "delete all offline content". 3) click "setup" and change "used disk space" to 1M in "Tools - Internet options - Conventional - Internet temporary files". Please check network environment if the problem still exists. Please change the session setup and synchronous setup of local area network (LAN) if you plan to use personal internet network in the environment.