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What's the limit for the ICBC Personal Internet Banking trade via E-banking Code Card? How to lift up the limit?
For those have not registered for SMS verification service, the upper limit for a single payment via E-banking Code Card is RMB 500, while that for a single day is RMB 1,000. After opening up the service, the upper limit could be lifted to RMB 2,000 and RMB 5,000 respectively. To use this service, you need to take you valid ID documents and debit card registered with the internet banking to any outlet. Self-help registration by the Internet banking is not supported. In addition, you can take your valid ID, a/c registered with the Internet banking and E-banking Code Card to our outlet to apply for upgrading to USB-shield or ICBC e-Password Device customers for large-sum payment. Prompt: If your E-banking Code Card is shared by more than one e-banking channels (for instance mobile banking, telephone banking, etc.), please also provide a card registered at counter to corresponding channel for your normal use.