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First 322 Impoverish University Students to Sign with ICBC

Since Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (ICBC) announced recruitment of thousands of impoverished university students in October 2016, 322 impoverished university graduates have signed contracts with the Bank. ICBC has conducted recruitment of impoverished university students in 21 branches/sub-branches in the key counties for poverty alleviation at provincial, city and district level. The branches/sub-branches will subsequently organize the procedure including health check, employment and staff induction, and implement the management, training and cultivation of the first impoverished university students after entering ICBC.

ICBC officially announced plans to recruit impoverished university students on China’s Poverty-Relief Day and the International Day for the Eradication of Poverty on October 17, 2016. According to the plan, ICBC would begin recruiting impoverished university students, provide jobs for 1,000 impoverished university students in five years, accelerate poverty alleviation of registered poor families through employment support and targeted poverty alleviation, and drive the economic and social progress of the poverty-stricken regions. To achieve the goal of targeted poverty alleviation, ICBC has focused on impoverished university students, and moderately extended the requirement of recruitment. In 2017, eligible students include graduates from poor families registered at Poverty Relief Office, registered as impoverished students in the database of higher education institutions, or awarded the National Motivational Scholarship for impoverished university students. In addition, the educational threshold in recruiting impoverished university students extents to full-time university students upgrading from tertiary schools, which has raised opportunities for impoverished university students in the recruitment.