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ICBC Achieves Rapid Development in Online Annuity Management

ICBC, by dedicating to providing safe, efficient and convenient corporate annuity services in recent years, has been fully implementing national policies on social pension system to speed up the innovation of corporate annuity services. As of the end of 2017, “ICBC e-Pension” app has been used by over 27,000 enterprises to manage their annuities online, serving more than 8 million employees.

As introduced by an official from the bank, “ICBC e-Pension” is a client system introduced in 2008 for enterprises to manage annuities, the first of its kind provided in an online mode. By over 10 years’ improvement, it has realized the function of service customization based on enterprises’ own requirements. In the meantime, enterprises can conduct investment supervision, annuity calculation, human resources management, salary management, welfare plan, employee stock ownership plan, and credits reward plan through this system.

Compared to traditional offline mode, “ICBC e-Pension” has improved the efficiency and experience of corporate annuity management from many aspects. For example, through online information interaction, enterprises can examine and approve, monitor, and search for annuity information online in a timely manner, which greatly enhance business management efficiency. Firms can proceed annuity business online 7×24 hours, enjoying more flexible and convenient operations and management. With safer information, enterprises can also manage the annuity information in a close loop on the “ICBC e-Pension” platform, thus preventing the risk of leaking information during the interaction.