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ICBC Awarded Most Socially Responsible Financial Institution

At the 2016 China Banking Social Responsibility Report Release & Honoring Conference held by China Banking Association, ICBC received Best Social Responsibility Financial Institution Award for its contribution to economic and social development and excellent image as a corporate citizen. It has also won Best CSR Management Award, Best Social Responsibility Special Contribution Outlet Award, Excellent Charity Project Award.

ICBC has always valued the virtuous cycle between sustainable corporate growth and social responsibility. The Bank has achieved significant fruits in supporting real economy, practicing inclusive finance, improving customer services, promoting green finance, alleviating poverty and feeding back to the society. By doing so, ICBC has contributed to the sustainable economic development, social progress and public welfare.

In terms of targeted poverty alleviation, ICBC set up the first national poverty alleviation investment fund in 2016. The amount of its loans granted to poverty alleviation projects exceeded RMB 90 billion by the end of 2016. The Bank has helped designated places in Sichuan Province out of poverty since 1995. Over the past 22 years, ICBC has dispatched 88 people for poverty alleviation purpose, made donations worth nearly RMB 140 million to poor areas, and granted loans of over RMB 8 billion to designated four counties (cities). The Bank has significantly supported local economic and social development, and blazed a new path of poverty alleviation combining education, health, industry, green, financial and disaster relief alleviation. In 2016, ICBC launched targeted recruitment plan, under which the Bank would take five years to offer jobs to 1,000 impoverished college students. Combining employment support and targeted poverty alleviation, it will endeavor to lift registered poor families out of poverty as early as possible.

In practicing inclusive finance, ICBC has pushed small and micro enterprise finance as a fundamental and strategic business. Focusing on online standardization and offline specialization, the Bank has created new service modes for small and micro businesses, and become the first commercial bank in China with loans to small and micro enterprises surpassing RMB 2 trillion.
Regarding green finance, ICBC has integrated green development and green finance into practice, boosting green development of economy and society through credit structure adjustment. In 2016, its loans to green economy increased 6.8 percentage points higher than corporate loans in the same period. The Bank underwrote eight types of green bonds and raised total fund of RMB 88.3 billion, ranking first among China’s banking institutions.