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ICBC Awarded the “Most Socially Responsible Corporate” for the Eighth Consecutive Year

Recently, the 13th Global Corporate Social Responsibility Forum China hosted by China News Service was held in Beijing, where the results of 2017 Responsible Corporate were announced. ICBC, with its great contribution in serving the real economy, enhancing customer services, advocating green finance, rewarding shareholders, empowering employees, supporting the poor, and reciprocating to the society, was awarded the honorary title of the “Most Socially Responsible Corporate of the Year” for the eighth consecutive year.

It is reported that ICBC, as one of the major financial service providers for the real economy, proactively advocates a virtuous circle of sustainable development and corporate social responsibility, and focuses on building itself a responsible bank featured by value creation, brand equity, green finance, integrity, harmoniousness and love. It has played a positive role in promoting sustainable economic development, social progress and people’s livelihood.

In serving the real economy, ICBC has cumulatively granted loans of more than RMB50 trillion to the real economy in the past five years. Through continuous improvement of the credit structure, active support for supply-side structural reforms, unswerving efforts in solving the inadequacy and imbalance of financial services supply, ICBC has promoted the development and the performance of the real economy. In 2017, ICBC proactively supported major projects, key areas and weak links related to national economy and people’s livelihood, set up the Inclusive Finance Department, increased the financial supply to small and micro-enterprises and areas of “agriculture, rural areas and farmers”, “mass innovation and entrepreneurship” and targeted poverty alleviation. It is the first domestic commercial bank which holds a small and micro-loan balance of more than RMB2 trillion.

In advocating green finance, ICBC actively practices the new development concept of “innovative, coordinative, green, open and sharing” and the “Five-in-One Overall Plan” to speed up the innovation of green financial service modes and support the development of green industry through diversified financial services. By the first half of 2017, ICBC’s loan balance in the green economy exceeded RMB1.1 trillion. Over the past two years, ICBC has raised more than RMB150 billion through underwriting various green bonds, thus providing financial supports to a large number of green projects, including energy saving and emission reduction, green energy, environmental protection engineering, pollution control etc.

In creating value for stakeholders, ICBC insists on repaying the shareholders, society and its employees with developments. Being one of the best growing financial institutions in the world, ICBC has an annual average dividend payout ratio of 33%, the highest among A-share listed companies. And it has provided the country with total returns worth of nearly RMB1 trillion through dividends and income tax revenue over the past five years, thus preserving and increasing the value of state-owned assets. For ten straight years, ICBC has been awarded the “Best Employer for College Graduates in China”. And it has pushed forward targeted poverty relief with a current targeted poverty-alleviation loan balance of about RMB110 billion.