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ICBC Comprehensively Upgrades Smart Defense and Protection Service for Accounts

On November 28, ICBC officially launched the latest fruit of intelligent risk control: “ICBC Smart Guard”, an account security service. The service, together with the current “Cloud Monitoring” platform, forms a comprehensive “Cloud + Apps” intelligent defense and control system, offering ICBC customers with all-dimensional and intelligent protection for account transaction and fund security.

According to Li Yunze, Vice President of ICBC, the launch of “ICBC Smart Guard” not only signifies a new stage for ICBC in risk control and customer service in retail financial areas, but also is regarded as a significant measure ICBC is undertaking to fulfill its obligation to “Safeguard Financial Security and Develop Inclusive Finance”. In recent years, in face of the widely-concerned issue of account and fund security, ICBC has accelerated its pace in full applications of new technologies to fund security as well as risk defense and control, and spared no effort to provide safe and efficient financial services to customers. At present, ICBC has built the “Cloud Monitoring” platform which centers on systems, such as credit card fraud risk monitoring, online transaction risk monitoring, individual account fraud risk monitoring, and telecom fraud account identification and early warning. The platform covers on-line and off-line transactions, protects the whole transaction process and prevents both internal and external risks. The “Cloud Monitoring” platform also gives early warning and suspends ongoing suspicious transactions in the case of risky transactions. To ICBC, “Smart Risk Control” is not a blueprint far beyond reach. Instead, it is transforming into a financial driver that serves the real economy and benefits millions of households. It is also becoming the core competitive edge which consistently creates values.

“ICBC Smart Guard” integrates the following eight apps: account security detection, account security lock, customized transaction amount limit, quick-pay security management, magnetic stripe cards transaction and consumption verification, block trade transaction verification, payment suspension via SMS, as well as balance check and reminding via self-service channels. Customers can access a self-service portal and customize all kinds of security services. Besides, apps, together with the “Cloud Monitoring” platform will construct to form a comprehensive “Cloud + Apps” intelligent defense and control system, thus providing solid protection for account transactions and fund security.