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ICBC Credit Card Initiates “I Go Anniversary”

From May 20 to May 31, ICBC will launch “I Go Anniversary” nationwide for credit card consumption promotion, and fully upgrade both the commercial brands involved and the promotion activities on the basis of the original “I Go Weekend” in order to provide more quality products and services with more favorable discount for customers. It is known that since ICBC launched the “I Go Weekend”, more than 10 thousand retailers in the fields of food, apparel, housing, transportation and entertainment have participated in the promotion activities within the year, benefiting more than 20 million consumers.

An official of ICBC Peony Card Center said that, during this “I Go Anniversary”, besides existing local benefits, ICBC credit card holders can enjoy various benefits including random and immediate payment reduction, cash-back at certain purchase amount and double discounts, etc. when making purchase from well-known retailers online and offline at platforms such as Suning.com, Tuniu.com, JD.COM, Benlai.com and Chimelong.com. ICBC e-Life APP also launched “I Go Monthly Swipe”, “Best-seller food for one yuan” and some other promotions.

It is known that since ICBC launched the “I Go Weekend” a year ago, relevant preferential promotions have fully covered supermarkets, catering, convenience stores, coffee and desserts, fashion shopping, movie and entertainment, travelling and some other mass consumption fields. Meanwhile, ICBC also uses big data analysis and launches refined services to provide customers with precise offers and to improve customers’ shopping experience. That includes “travel lovers” with preferential offers on hotel, air ticket and travel itinerary, “shopaholics” with preferential offers of supermarkets, department stores and comprehensive e-commerce shopping, etc.