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ICBC Endeavour MasterCard Issues Over 10 Million

ICBC, together with People’s Daily New Media Center and MasterCard, officially launched the new-version Endeavour credit card, which adds in itself a fresh element of “Awesome China” while inheriting the Endeavour spirit. So far, the Endeavour credit cards endorsed by Lang Ping issued more than 10 million.

As introduced by an official from ICBC, the new Endeavour card continues its purely black, red or blue face and bears the word “Endeavour” written in Chinese traditional calligraphy, while adding a fresh element of “Awesome China”, which makes it not only a credit card, but also an exclusive name card of strivers. To facilitate the issuance of the new-version Endeavour credit cards, ICBC and People’s Daily customer app will jointly host a column named “Strivers”. With the theme of “Thumbs-up for strivers”, the new column will not only give consistent and in-depth report on typical strivers from all walks of life, but also make record of each striver’image who strives for his/her dream, thus demonstrating the Endeavour spirit of both individuals and of the era on this new journey. According to sources, these strivers include rural doctors who take root in rural areas and provide free medical care for farmers, Olympic weightlifting champion who fought tooth and nail, ethnic culture workers who present Wa culture to the outside world, and delivery man who harvest love in his ordinary post. All of them define Endeavour spirit with their own experiences.

According to introduction, since its launch on April 13, 2017, the Endeavour credit cards have been widely acclaimed for the spirit of the time it stands for, and the excellent service it provides. Within a short period of just more than one year, the issuance surpasses 10 million, 90% of which were applied for through the internet, with average age of card holders being only 33.