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ICBC-IBM FinTech Innovation Competition for National College Students Officially Kicks Off

According to sources from ICBC, ICBC-IBM FinTech Innovation Competition for National College Students, jointly held by ICBC and IBM, has officially kicked off and opened for registration. Participants can now submit entries for the Preliminary. The national-final contestants will have the chance to access to the ICBC green channel for campus recruitment and internship.

Themed “innovations light up youth and fuel financial dream” according to introduction, the competition invites college students to team up in developing relevant business scenarios on the basis of API interface provided by ICBC. The competition adopts a three-level competition system, namely the Preliminary, the Quarter-final and the Final, with the competitors submitting entries through the Internet during the first two rounds. When it comes to the Final, 36-hour on-site marathon-styled contest will be held, during which the capabilities of innovative thinking, team coordination and problem-solving, and the tech-integration strength in applying state-of-the-art tech methods ranging from blockchain, biological identification, AI, Internet of Things, to real financial businesses, will be focused to assess the players.

As is informed by an official from ICBC, ICBC has sped up the “Smart Banking” strategy in recent years. By building up financial innovation labs, the Bank deepens cooperation with well-known Chinese universities and enterprises and dedicates to constructing a new financial ecology featuring openness and win-win results, thus facilitating the transformation of technology innovations to banking services. The first FinTech Innovation Competition for National College Students, jointly held by ICBC and IBM, will help fuel the enthusiasm for FinTech among college students, thus cultivating more tech-innovation talents for the industry and pushing ahead China’s FinTech development.

Please refer to the official website of the competition (www.cnmooc.org/icbc-ibm_fintech/) for details about the specific registration methods and requirements for the competition.