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ICBC Initiates the Second-season China-Africa Cross-border Consumption Promotion

With a view to providing facility to cross-border consumption and to promoting friendly communications and people exchanges between China and Africa, ICBC, in joint efforts with Standard Bank, launched the second-season cross-border consumption promotion themed “I Go Kenya” and “I Go China” on November 15, providing a series of preferential and featured services for Chinese tourists to Kenya and the other way around.

It is learned that, “I Go Kenya” integrates the advantages of China and Kenya in resources to provide card holders with various convenient and preferential new shopping and leisure experience in overseas travel. For example, customers who travel with ICBC credit cards in Kenya can follow the path of the great migration of the animals in Kenya and enjoy up to 20% off for air tickets of specially selected international airlines, wild animal resort, high-end customized fire balloon flight and lion-seeking journey. Besides, card holders can also enjoy special offers, including customized camping and beach experience, explore the unique culture of Kenya, select and purchase up to 20% off customized handmade glassworks and handmade jewelries, etc. Meanwhile, “I Go China” continues to introduce overseas advantageous resources into China. For Standard Bank credit card holders, excellent services with favorable discounts regarding featured tourism, high-end hotels, catering and shopping, etc. are available for travelling in China.

An official of ICBC Credit Card Center said that, with furthering of the internationalization strategy, ICBC has been stepping up its pace in building and extending competitive product lines and services in overseas markets. Since ICBC launched its first-season China-Africa cross-border consumption promotion in November 2017, it has provided convenient and preferential cross-border consumer services for nearly 100,000 credit cardholders in Africa. This year, ICBC and Standard Bank will continue to promote “I Go Africa” series in other African countries and to provide new opportunities and new conveniences for economic exchanges and tourism exchanges between China and Africa.