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ICBC Introduces Personal Credit Card Exclusive to Military

To celebrate the 90th anniversary of the founding of the Chinese People's Liberation Army, ICBC took the lead to launch ICBC Army Soul Credit Card, a personal credit card product exclusive to the military. It is a golden card with single brand UnionPay, and has five types of card faces featuring army, navy, air force, rocket force, and strategic support force. It also offers exclusive rights and interests to servicemen, veterans and their families.

Servicemen, veterans and their families who have successfully applied for the cards are eligible for free upgrade services by train or flight in China. Meanwhile, cardholders can participate in a series of promotion activities held by ICBC, such as “I Go on Weekends” and “I Go Scanning QR Code”. They can enjoy preferential domestic consumption, and download a specific APP to scan card to see a stereo image and scenario of PLA’s new military equipment via AR technology.

An official with ICBC said that the credit card exclusive to the military is an important part of the military service upgrade plan recently launched by the Bank. In addition to the credit card, ICBC’s “Go with Army” plan also covers investment and wealth management, financing and settlement cost relief and service level upgrade. It includes a series of products and services that are exclusive to the military, such as “Yong Jun Bao” deposit, “Great Wall Series” wealth management, themed precious metals, insurance exclusive to the military, consumer credit ICBC e-Loan to the military, inter-bank fee relief for military security card, and service level upgrade, which brings more convenient and better quality services to the military.