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ICBC Launches Chinese Zodiac Theme Card

An ICBC official told the reporter today that ICBC recently launched a full set of ICBC Chinese Zodiac Credit Cards after the issuance of the credit card for the year of the dog. The card not only creatively combines consumer finance and the promotion of traditional culture, but also provides a series of exclusive privileges for cardholders.

An ICBC official of the Peony Card Center said that ICBC Chinese Zodiac Credit Cards were designed by art design experts of oracle bone inscription, who had spent months prototyping based on the earliest Chinese character "tortoise-shell and bone inscription" and modern Chinese Zodiac models, and by combining the geometric grid and figures of oracle bone inscription. This was the first time for ICBC Credit Card to step into the field of traditional folk culture by integrating Chinese cultural elements into the physical products, thus providing customers with financial products of better quality and richer cultural deposits.

Meanwhile, ICBC Chinese Zodiac Credit Cards also provide customers with a series of considerate benefits. For example, after the Card is activated, cardholders can link it with Cloud Quick Pass to enjoy the potential free-of-charge benefits for the first order, as well as RMB10 cash-back after conducting 3 transactions of over RMB10 during the 3 traditional Chinese holidays, namely Dragon Boat Festival, Mid-autumn Festival and Chongyang Festival. Besides, cardholders can enjoy free exchange fees, free high-value account security insurance, 3-day grace period for repayment and minimum repayment grace difference of RMB10, etc., from the bank.