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ICBC Maintains Its Lead in the Top 500 Banking Brands

The Banker has recently released the Top 500 Banking Brands 2017, in which ICBC continued to top the list with the brand value of USD59.189 billion.

According to The Banker, ICBC’s consistent and strong brand value is largely attributed to its relentless effort in steady development, innovation and active fulfillment of social responsibilities. In 2017, ICBC continued to support the real economy and took corresponding responsibilities as a major bank in inclusive finance. ICBC played a leading role in the planning for and establishment of the Sino-CEEF Holding Company Limited, and promoted and secured the normal cooperation mechanism among banks to provide comprehensive financial support for the Belt and Road Initiative. Furthermore, ICBC upheld the belief in “mutual respect, mutual trust, and win-win cooperation” in operations and strove to build a positive image of Chinese banks in the global financial market. ICBC also strengthened its effort in the corporate culture development for its overseas institutions and promotion of Chinese culture, so as to constantly enrich Chinese banking brand through cultural exchange.

With an aggregate brand value reaching USD317.4 billion, Chinese banks continue to top the list in this regard, followed by American banks at USD260.4 billion and British banks at USD65.3 billion. Sustained solid growth is the key for Chinese banks to lead the brand value over their global counterparts.

The Top 500 Banking Brands ranking is an annual brand survey organized by The Banker and Brand Finance, a British brand value researcher. Released in each February, the ranking has a history of 12 years.