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ICBC VTM Shows in China's Five-year Achievement Exhibition

China's Five-year Outstanding Achievement Exhibition has been inaugurated at Beijing Exhibition Center. ICBC’s VTM was exhibited as the only tangible achievement of the financial industry, demonstrating the charm of intelligent banking and modern financial services to the audience. Customers may get more than 200 financial and life-related services including customer service, wealth management and transfer through the VTM. The handling time is approximately 70% less than over-the-counter services on average.

ICBC now has 13,000 intelligent service outlets with an outlet coverage rate of over 80%, which are distributed in all provinces of China. From Dongji Sub-branch in Fuyuan County, Heilongjiang Province at the easternmost point to Renmin North Road Sub-branch in Shufu County of Kashgar, Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region at the westernmost point, from Beiji Sub-branch in Mohe County, Heilongjiang Province at the northernmost point to Sansha Sub-branch on Yongxing Island, Hainan Province at the southernmost point, ICBC’s VTM devices have provided more specialized, convenient, secure and excellent intelligent financial services for 88.1 million customers.

An official with ICBC said that based on customers' demands for intelligent financial services, ICBC has taken the lead to launch intelligent outlets , consistently improved service systems and enhanced support to inclusive financing, which significantly elevated customers' experiences. For example, the VTM device employs multiple advanced technologies involving artificial intelligence, biological identification and big data analysis, providing customers with financial services such as inclusive financing, financial security, clothing, food, housing and transport, small and micro enterprises, wealth management and convenient transfer, covering more than 90% of commonly used over-the-counter non-cash personal banking business of outlets. Customers may apply for a bank card simply by touching the screen to go through the whole process including identification, certificate reading, electronic signature and artificial verification in only three or four minutes.

In addition, ICBC’s VTM also uses many security technologies to safeguard customers' transactions. For example, the intelligent face recognition technology may capture the customer's dynamic facial expression on a real-time basis and make automatic comparison with the photo on ID card in the database, in order to prevent from opening an account by falsely using another person's ID card. Furthermore, the intelligent anti-peeping technology may protect customers' privacy and transaction information from being peeped or stolen. The VTM is also equipped with ICBC e-security, the first non-profit software in China to prevent telecommunication frauds developed by ICBC in collaboration with the Ministry of Public Security, which is used to provide customers with instant identification of fraudulent information and safeguard their funds.