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“ICBC Xiaobai” Digital Bank Wins the “Best Digital Brand Innovation Award”

“ICBC Xiaobai” digital bank, jointly developed by ICBC and JD Finance, won the “Best Digital Brand Innovation Award” in the “2018 Retail Finance Digital Awards” hosted by The Asian Banker magazine earlier.

It is introduced that the “ICBC Xiaobai” digital bank focuses on the young customer group. It is not only the first scenario-integrated digital bank in the industry, but also the achievement of deep integration between ICBC and JD Finance in customers, accounts, data, information, capital, etc. Through application of the state-of-the-art technologies such as big data and AI, both sides have built, beyond traditional banking forms, a new retail finance scenario that allows users to utilize fragmented daily time to meet primary financial demand. This new form of banking service provides customers with new experience of smart retail finance featuring “Follow Your Heart and Your Hand”, “Touch and Go” and “Safe and Effective”.

In addition, “ICBC Xiaobai” has made innovation in parts of the traditional banking business. For example, a customer normally needs to go to a bank outlet to get a certificate of deposit, but “ICBC Xiaobai” can save customers the trouble, by which a customer only needs to apply online for credit certification service, such as certificate of deposit, before JD Logistics delivers the certificate to your front door. Another innovation program - “Self-service Precious Metal Shop”, adopts technologies such as multi-screen interaction and somatosensory interaction to help customers get access to product information in an intuitive and convenient manner at bank outlets. This is a perfect combination of offline scenario-based experience and online self-service shopping.