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Manzhouli Cross-Border Section Launched at ICBC Mall

ICBC and the Manzhouli Municipal Government have recently held in Hohhot the signing ceremony on ICBC Mall E-commerce platform cooperation and announced the official launch of Manzhouli Cross-border Section at ICBC Mall, which will more quickly deliver Manzhouli’s unique goods to consumers.

By leveraging local tourism and trade resources, Manzhouli Cross-border Section has established a rich line of products for customers, including tickets for Manzhouli Nation Gate Scenic Resort and Manzhouli Taowa Square, Russian tourism souvenirs and other featured commodities, as well as characteristic import & export processed products and goods from the Integrated Bonded Zone . The section also provides exclusive services such as local hotel booking and catering, customized domestic and foreign travel routes. In addition, consumers may use reward points for cash, shop with loans and pay across the Internet.

An official with ICBC said that cross-border E-commerce is a characteristic business of ICBC Mall, which has been opened in 20 national and regional shops and two cross-border zone shops, covering B2C and B2B across the five continents. It has formed a port service network stretching east to Hangzhou, west to Chongqing, south to Shenzhen, north to Manzhouli and with Zhengzhou in the center, which allows for more convenient port services. Moreover, by leveraging its strength in clearing payment, ICBC has created branded cross-border e-business financial service to ensure cross-border trading funds are automatically, safely and efficiently transferred to foreign merchants, which has optimized the capital cost and operation efficiency  for merchants.