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Over 13,000 Youth Volunteers from ICBC Practice Green Public Services

As the World Environment Day approached, ICBC launched a plogging campaign participated by youth volunteers with the theme of “Beautiful China --- Youths from ICBC are taking actions”. More than 13,000 youth volunteers from 280 cities nationwide were jogging while picking up trash along the way, practicing green public service in a trendy and healthy manner to raise public awareness of environmental protection.

As is introduced by an ICBC official, the campaign is mainly participated by youth volunteers, who lead the extensive participation of employees at all ages, as well as their family members, relatives and enthusiastic public service participants. The campaign has realized multiple objectives, such as jointly safeguarding environment by all communities, promoting environmental protection as well as excising and keeping fit. This campaign was conducted simultaneously in 28 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions nationwide, as well as in Hong Kong SAR and Macau SAR. The footprints of youth volunteers cover the whole country, from China’s easternmost city Fuyuan to the westernmost city Kashgar, from the southernmost city Sansha to the northernmost city Heihe, from the mega cities such as Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen to grasslands, plateaus and deserts.

In recent years, ICBC has actively advocated ecological protection and organized institutions at all levels to participate in the environmental protection campaign of “Beautiful China”, which includes launching public service campaigns such as voluntary tree planting and caring for the “Mother River”, and rolling out multiple activities such as “clear your plate” and lectures on low-carbon, energy-saving and emission-reduction. Through these campaigns, ICBC aims to influence its employees to uphold the virtues of hard-working, diligence and thrifty, and to strive to become the practitioners in environmental protection and low-carbon advocacy.