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Bigger Offer than RMB66 Cash Bonus for New Customers

October 1, 2017 to December 31, 2017


I.Activity Time
October 1, 2017 to December 31, 2017 (customers’ card issuance date)


II.Activity Content
New customers who successfully apply for the Bank’s credit card for the first time within the activity period, activate the card, and have three transactions each exceeding RMB66 within 60 days upon issuance, are eligible for the rewards. Each customer can only receive one reward, with a quota of 200,000 each month and of 600,000 places in total on a first come first served basis.
There are two types of rewards: RMB66 Cash Bonus and RMB88 ICBC e-Life e-coupons. Each customer can choose only one type. If eligible customers choose ICBC e-Life e-coupons, they can sign up on the WeChat official account “ICBC Credit Card News”, download and register in “ICBC e-Life” App within 3 days upon receipt of an SMS message. Customers who do not sign up for the rewards of RMB88 e-coupons can directly get the return of RMB66.


III.Applicable Products
New customers applying for the following three products can participate in the activity: the UnionPay and Visa products issued in a way of “1+1”, the UnionPay and MasterCard products issued in a way of “1+1”, the products with only UnionPay logo. ICBC Minions card is not included in the activity.


IV.Activity Rules
i.New customers refer to customers holding the first ICBC credit card, the issuance date of which is within the activity period. Card approval date is issuance date, subject to the successful account opening date shown in ICBC system. Customers will receive an SMS message telling the success of card issuance.
ii.The card should be activated and used for three times within 60 natural days after card issuance. The consumption date shall refer to the book date of each deal recorded in ICBC clearing system.
iii.Every month since November, ICBC will get the list of card holders who meet the requirements of the activity in the previous month, and send SMS messages to the card holders to remind those choosing ICBC e-Life e-coupons to sign up on the WeChat official account “ICBC Credit Card News”. Customers not signing up will get RMB66 back.
iv.Card holders choosing ICBC e-Life e-coupons should sign up on the WeChat official account “ICBC Credit Card News” and download and register in “ICBC e-Life” App within 3 natural days upon receipt of the SMS message. RMB 88 e-coupons will be automatically credited into their ICBC e-Life accounts within 10 working days after registration. The RMB88 e-coupons include one RMB66 e-coupon and one RMB22 e-coupon, which can be used for topping up mobile phone, mobile data and gasoline card, buying VIP membership on video portals, recharging game accounts, getting movie tickets, take-out, travelling, etc.

Rules for using RMB88 e-coupons are as follows:
1. RMB88 e-coupons can only be used when the amount of payment exceeds the denomination of e-coupons (at least RMB0.01 more than the denomination of e-coupons), and only one e-coupon can be used in each transaction.
2. RMB88 e-coupons are valid for 1 month. Customers that do not use the e-coupons within the validity period are deemed as automatically abandoning them, without re-issuance.
3. Customers who sign up for RMB88 e-coupons are deemed as giving up RMB66 Cash Bonus, which shall not be changed.
4. Customers who do not download and register in e-Life within 3 days after signing up are deemed as automatically abandoning the e-coupons, without re-issuance.
5. Customers’ sign-up phone number should be consistent with the registered one on ICBC e-Life. Otherwise, RMB88 e-coupons will not be issued.
v.The card holder who cancels the credit card before ICBC gets the qualified name list of the previous month will no longer enjoy the right, and shall not request ICBC to make compensation in any way.
vi.Customers who do not meet the conditions for Cash Bonus due to return of goods, reversal, or cancellation cannot enjoy the rewards, and ICBC reserves the right to hold back the rewards.
vii.ICBC reserves the right to cancel the eligibility of customers who are found to maliciously get rewards by taking advantage of the activity rules.
viii.If customers have any doubt about the activity, they can bring it to ICBC within 90 natural days after the activity ends. Overdue cases will not be accepted.
ix.To the extent permitted by law, ICBC reserves the right to amend the terms and rules of the activity, and suspend or cancel the activity, which takes effect upon the announcement on ICBC’s official website.