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Bonus Points Activity for Transactions Paid by ICBC Credit Cards through WeChat and Jingdong Quick Payment

February 7, 2018 to May 31, 2018

I. Activity Time
February 7, 2018 to May 31, 2018
II. Activity Objects
ICBC UnionPay credit card holders
III. Activity Details

During the activity, when a card holder pays with his ICBC credit card through WeChat or Jingdong quick payment, he/she can earn ICBC personal integrated bonus points. One bonus point will generate for RMB1 consumption.
IV. Activity Rules
1. The activity is only applicable for consumption transactions paid by ICBC credit cards through WeChat (including Tenpay and QQ Payment) and Jingdong quick payment. The transactions transferred to ICBC from WeChat payment and Jingdong payment through other channels are not covered by the activity; repayment, transfer, payment of various interest and fees, and disputed transactions made through WeChat payment and Jingdong payment are not covered. In case that the items purchased in the transaction are returned during the activity, the accumulated bonus points will be deducted accordingly. The specific identifying method shall be based on the records in the banking system.
2. The activity only supports accumulation of ICBC’s personal integrated bonus points, and does not support ICBC’s co-branded bonus points. The co-branded bonus points include but are not limited to the co-branded bonus points related to co-branded card products such as ICBC Centurion card, ICBC Centurion Platinum card, ICBC aviation co-branded card, ICBC Shangri-La co-branded card, ICBC Huaruntong co-branded card.
3. Any customer that is involved in fraud, cashing-out, overdue repayment, card freeze, stop payment, card revocation, account cancellation, non-repayment of other debts to ICBC, or other circumstances that are known or suspected to have violated laws, regulations, the Regulations for Peony Credit Card, the Peony Credit Card Receipt Contract, the Rules of ICBC on Personal Integrated Bonus Points Program, the rules of the activity or other related regulations, will be deprived of the qualification to participate in the activity or get the bonus points. ICBC reserves the right to directly deduct the bonus points under customers’ name without further notice or take other corresponding legal measures.
4. Within the limits permitted by law, ICBC has the right to amend the terms and rules of this activity, or suspend or cancel it, which will come into effect after it is announced via the official website of ICBC.
5. For any matter not mentioned in the activity, the Regulations for Peony Credit Card, the Peony Credit Card Receipt Contract, the Activity Rules of ICBC on Personal Integrated Bonus Points, and other relevant documents shall govern.