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Enjoy Additional Privilege for 10% Cashback of Tax Rebate with ICBC Master Credit Cards

From today to December 31, 2017


I. Time
From today to December 31, 2017


II. Target Customers
Holders of ICBC Master Credit Cards issued in Chinese mainland


III. Content of Activity
If a holder of ICBC Master Credit Card does shopping in a country enjoying tax refund, he/she can receive 10% cashback of tax refund while he/she is applying for tax refund via the designate page after return.
Please scan the QR code below to enter the designated page for tax refund:

Countries enjoying tax refund: France, Germany, Holland, Spain, Italy, Britain, Greece, Austria, Belgium, Poland, Denmark, South Korea, Czech, Portugal, Switzerland, Hungary and etc.


IV. Operation Process
Step 1: Ask for tax-refund form and shopping receipt
Prior to do shopping in a store abroad, please find out whether the store enjoys tax refund or not. After reaching the minimum consumption amount for enjoying tax refund, the customer shall fill in a tax refund application document. If it is not filled in the store, please be sure to ask about the filling method, and remember not to smear or modify the tax refund application form optionally. At last, don’t forget to ask the store to provide shopping receipts, because in some countries such as Holland, receipts are necessary documents for tax refund.
Step 2: Be stamped by the customs
Upon arrival at the airport, please make the document be stamped by the customs before handling other relevant formalities. Show the unopened purchased goods, receipts, tax refund application forms and passport to the customs. After verification, customs officers will affix a seal on the tax refund application form to make it take effect.
Step 3: Tax refund after return
After returning home, you can handle offshore tax refund at the tax refund platform of ICBC Master Credit Card, enjoy free door-to-door mail collection of SF Express on a 365-day basis, and receive tax reimbursement.


V. Instructions
1. To enjoy the offer, all consumptions involving tax refund shall be paid with ICBC Master Credit Cards and via the designated MasterCard network.
2. The holders of ICBC Master Credit Cards shall ensure the completeness of all information required for tax refund, and undertake relevant legal liabilities for the provided information. If any tax refund is delayed or failing to reach the account owing to incomplete information or errors in the information provided by the cardholder, we will not assume relevant responsibility.
3. The offer of 10% cashback of tax refund to the holders of ICBC Master Credit Cards is provided by all tax refund groups for which MasterCard Tax Refund serves as the agent. If there are any problems concerning the quality of the product or service, customers shall refer to MasterCard Tax Refund and ICBC will not assume any liabilities.
4. Calculation method for 10% cashback of tax refund: add 10% of the total amount of tax refund into the amount of tax refund (in RMB). In the case that the amount of tax refund indicated on the tax refund application form of a holder of ICBC Master Credit Card is not RMB, the amount of tax refund will be converted into USD by the tax refund company according to the corresponding exchange rate, and any foreign exchange gain or loss and commission charges thus incurred shall be borne by the cardholder.
5. The cardholders have the right to enjoy free door-to-door collection of tax-refund form provided by the tax refund companies. In the case of repeat mailing, or if the cardholder asks for document return after the tax refund has been rejected due to incorrect or incomplete documents, the express fee thus incurred shall be borne by the tax refund applicant. For the failure of tax refund resulted from loss or damage of documents in the process of delivery, the tax refund applicant bear the liability on his/her own.
6. The provision of goods and services involved in the activity completely depends on a third-party provider, so the terms and conditions specified by the third-party provider shall be followed.
7. The above special offer is provided by an international organization, the content and rules of special offer are provided only for reference, and the actual information provided by the store or the international organization shall govern. The offer is subject to the specific terms of the stores. Refer to the stores’ instructions for details.
8. ICBC reminds you to observe relevant national laws and regulations during overseas shopping.
9. Cardholders will lose the qualification to participate in the activity provided that they are involved in fraud, cash-out, late payment, frozen card, payment stopping, card confiscation or account cancellation, or have other outstanding ICBC debt, or violated/are suspected to have violated laws, regulations, the Articles of Association of ICBC Peony Credit Card, the Using Agreement of ICBC Peony Credit Card, rules for this activity or other relevant provisions, and ICBC reserves the right to take corresponding legal measures.
10. ICBC and card issuers and stores providing the offer are entitled to modify terms and rules, and change or terminate the offer to the extent permitted by laws and regulations.