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Enjoy One-yuan Parking Service at Airport with ICBC UnionPay Platinum Card

before December 31, 2017


ICBC UnionPay Platinum Card holders can enjoy 2-hour or 48-hour parking service at designated domestic airports or parking area exclusive to UnionPay card with one yuan paid by ICBC UnionPay Platinum Credit Card before December 31, 2017. (service varies upon different airports. Please refer to the “service scope and notes” for details):
Ten times of 2-hour one-yuan parking service
Three times of 48-hour one-yuan parking service


II.Available Airports and Service Contents
Please scan the QR code below to log into the official website of China UnionPay for the list of available airports.


1.This offer is only applicable to holders of ICBC UnionPay Platinum Credit Card issued in the Chinese mainland (including the Priority Platinum Credit Card).
2.ICBC UnionPay Platinum Credit Card holders can enjoy ten times of 2-hour one-yuan parking service and three times of 48-hour one-yuan parking service; UnionPay Diamond Credit Card holders can enjoy the offer without limits. Only one car can enjoy the service each time upon each card and no accumulation of single services is allowed. The 48-hour one-yuan service can be enjoyed only once every day upon each card.
3.Parking service can be handled at reception of exclusive car space where customers should approach within a certain period of time (usually ranges from 10 minutes to 20 minutes and airport requirements prevail) prescribed by airports that adopt fixed parking spaces after customers enter into the parking building. Those who exceed the time limit or park in non-designated area cannot enjoy this service. Parking spaces are limited, so the “first come first served” principle will be applied. Card holders can choose 2-hour parking service or 48-hour parking service by consuming one yuan with ICBC UnionPay Platinum Credit Cards or Diamond Credit Cards on activity-specific POS at the entrance of UnionPay exclusive parking area of  designated airports.
4.Please keep the card receipts (with parking time attached) as the proof of enjoying the offer. If the parking time exceeds the schedule, the cardholder is required to pay part of the parking fee to the airport. The charging standard is  subject to local airport parking fee rules.
5.This offer is available to carries with seven seats or less.
6.No invoice is available for this one-yuan parking fee.
7.If the cardholder has any illegal trade, fraud or unusual transaction, or the cardholder’s account has occurred in arrears or is not in a normal state (such as account cancellation, frozen, reported loss, included into the blacklist and so on), or the cardholder apply for card cancellation during the activity, China UnionPay reserves the right to refuse such card holders to participate in this activity and cancel any reward.
8.At some airports, ICBC UnionPay Platinum Cards also apply to parking services with same service conditions and times as the credit card; Shenzhen Bao’an International Airport only provides one-yuan parking service. Accumulation is viable at some airports. Zhengzhou Airport provide at most two parking services monthly. For details, please refer to the service scope and remarks.
9.China UnionPay has the right to amend the terms and conditions of this activity within the limits permitted by China’s laws and regulations (including but not limited to delay or early termination of the activity, alteration or adjustment of the activity rules). All amendments will come into force after announcement made on China UnionPay’s official website or via other relevant channels. Please pay attention to these.


IV.Service opening and process