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Enjoy Two-day Free Overseas Wi-Fi with ICBC VISA Credit Card

From now to December 31, 2017


I. Details of Privileges
From January 1, 2017 to December 31, 2017, holders of ICBC Visa Platinum Cards and Gold Cards making reservation for free overseas Wi-Fi for 5 days or more via the Uroaming can enjoy a 2-day cost reduction.


II. Booking Process
1. Online booking time: from January 1, 2017 to December 31, 2017. Customer travel time: from January 2, 2017 to December 31, 2017. And the travel date shall not be 60 days later from the date of booking.
2. When ICBC VISA Platinum Card and Gold Card holders book overseas WiFi products for 5 days or more through the Uroaming platform (WeChat public number, APP, official website http://www.vipwifi.com/, etc.), they can enjoy a 2-day cost relief by inputting the coupon code “HQMYVISA” in the payment.
During the activity, each user (based on mobile phone number) can only use the coupon code for once.


III. Important Notice
1. During the activity, the number of free coupons is limited.
2. Scope of application of free coupons: the 120 countries and regions with WiFi services provided by the Uroaming platform. Please visit http://www.vipwifi.com/ for details.
3. The 2-day free WiFi coupons cannot be exchanged for cash, nor be used with other privileges.
4. As for reservations, it is recommended that you book at least 3 working days before travelling and the specific booking results depend on the inventory at the Uroaming official website.
5. Customers should go to the city outlets or airport counters of the Uroaming to get Wi-Fi devices, and for specific addresses of outlets, please visit http://www.vipwifi.com/service/network.
6. The Uroaming is responsible for the service and customers should follow its relevant business regulations.


Descriptions of Activity:
1. The above information is provided by international organizations and the contents and details of the preferential information are for reference only. The information provided by merchants and international organizations shall prevail. The benefits and privileges are subject to terms and conditions of related merchants and details provided by the merchants shall prevail.
2. ICBC credit card is only a payment tool used by customers and in case of any disputes occurred in the process of services, customers shall communicate with the merchants by themselves and ICBC does not take any responsibility.
3. The preferential benefits are only available to ICBC credit card holders of the corresponding card organization brands. Some discounts will only be available after ICBC credit card holders of the corresponding card organization brands having made the payment via the settlement network of the card organization.
4. In the event of the cardholder having committed fraud, cashing, overdue repayment, or the cardholder's card being frozen, stopped for payment, card withdrawal, account cancellation, or the cardholder having unpaid debts to ICBC, having or suspected of having illegal behaviors, or violating ICBC Peony Credit Card Regulations, Peony Credit Card Application Agreement or the Activity Rules and other relevant provisions, the cardholder will lose the eligibility to participate in this activity. And ICBC reserves the right to take appropriate legal measures.