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Enjoy Visa Preference with ICBC Master Platinum Credit Cards

From today to June 30, 2017


I. Offer
From today to June 30, 2017, holders of ICBC Master platinum credit cards can enjoy the following offers when applying for visas on Baicheng.com:
Offer 1: service fees are exempted for 183 types of visas in 18 countries.
Notes: visa fees include service fees charged by Baicheng.com, and visa fees and other fees charged by embassies. The offer refers to exemption of service fees charged by Baicheng.com.
Offer 2: Minimum fees of RMB99 for visas for Japan, Singapore, Taiwan, Malaysia, Thailand, the Philippines; minimum fees of RMB499 for visas for France, Italy, Spain and UK; minimum fees of RMB599 for visas for US and Canada; minimum fees of RMB699 for visas for Australia.


II. Applicable Cards
Personal ICBC Master platinum credit cards issued in the Chinese mainland


III. Operation Rules
PC: log onto http://www.baicheng.com/visa/mastercard
Mobile phone: log onto http://m.baicheng.com/mastercard


IV. Notes to Rules
1. Offer 1: fee-free visa application is only applicable to 183 commodities involving 18 countries and consular districts shown on the Master card theme page of Baicheng.com. Each cardholder is entitled to only application for visa for one country every month. The offer doesn’t apply to special visa services.
2. Offer 2: Every month, there are 300 places available for global visas with minimum fees of RMB99 on a first-come-first-served basis. Each cardholder is entitled to only application for visa for one country every month.
3. An application for visa for one country (region) is deemed as one handling.
4. Where necessary, Baicheng.com has the right to require cardholders to provide copies (the middle four digits and CVV2 codes could be covered) of both sides of ICBC Master credit cards. Otherwise, the visa application will not be accepted.
5. Baicheng.com needs to submit the documents provided by cardholders for applying for visas to embassies. Cardholders’ participation in the activity is deemed as allowing Baicheng.com to use their personal information.
6. Cardholders are entitled to visa fee reduction/exemption according to the offer rules. However, they still need to pay visa fees and other relevant fees charged by embassies. To participate in the offer activity, Master cardholders should submit orders according to the visa procedures of Baicheng.com and abide by the order regulations.
7. Visa and service fees charged by Baicheng.com are subject to adjustment in response to policies, embassies, festivals and other factors. Final prices shown on Baicheng.com should prevail.


V. Instructions
1. The above special offer is provided by an international organization, the content and rules of special offer are provided only for reference, and the actual information provided by the store or the international organization shall govern. View the booking page for details. The offer is subject to the specific terms of the stores. Refer to the stores’ instructions for details.
2. The ICBC credit card only serves as a payment and settlement tool. Customers shall communicate with the store to solve consumption disputes, and ICBC will not assume any liabilities.
3. The offer can be enjoyed by the holders of ICBC credit cards with the designated brands. The holders of the ICBC credit cards with the corresponding brand of the card organization will not enjoy some part of the offer until they have completed the payment through the card organization clearing network.
4. Cardholders will lose the qualification to participate in the activity provided that they are involved in fraud, cash-out, late payment, frozen card, payment stopping, card confiscation or account cancellation, or have other outstanding ICBC debt, or violated/are suspected to have violated laws, regulations, the Rules for ICBC Peony Credit Card, the Agreement on the Usage of ICBC Peony Credit Card, rules for this activity or other relevant provisions, and ICBC reserves the right to take corresponding legal measures.
5. ICBC and card issuers and stores providing the offer are entitled to modify terms and rules, and change or terminate the offer to the extent permitted by laws and regulations.