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Enjoying Convenient Tax Refund and Cash Rebate with ICBC Visa Credit Card

before December 31, 2017


I.United Money
ICBC credit card holders who have tax refund at United Money when they return from abroad can enjoy the following offers before December 31, 2017: Free service fee; an additional fee of RMB 100 will be rebated if the amount of the tax refund for a single form is up to 100 euros and above; ICBC Visa Platinum Card holders can enjoy priority to handle tax refund business without waiting in queue at business outlets of United Money.
2.Service process
After you return from abroad, you may go to the United Money outlets (covering Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Xiamen, Qingdao and Dalian) to have tax refund. In Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou, service can be available at outlets at the T3 international arrival of Beijing Capital Airport, T2 international arrival of Beijing Capital Airport, international arrival of Shanghai Pudong International Airport, domestic arrival of Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport and international departure of Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport. Tax refunds settled in RMB can be provided instantly.
The specific handling methods and requirements shall be subject to the provisions of the official website of the United Money. Please call 4006121088 for outlets and service.


II.Premier Tax Free
Customers will enjoy cash rebate equivalent to 5% of the shopping amount if they exert tax refund via Premier tax free for transactions made by ICBC Visa Credit Card in designated shops in UK before May 14, 2017.
Shops include House of Fraser \ Harvey Nichols \ Watches of Switzerland \ Mappin&Webb \ All Saints \ Lacoste.
2.Service process
(1) Please log on to the activity website by long pressing the QR code below, validate your ICBC Visa Credit Card and register, and activate your cash rebate qualification.

(2) Buy goods in selected UK shops of Premier Tax Free and retrieve tax refund forms with your passport.
(3) Fill registered ICBC Visa Credit Card number and other information in tax refund form. Please remember to choose tax refund via credit card, or no cash would be rebated.
(4). Submit tax refund forms to the customs for validation when depart a country and mail them back to Premier Tax Free.
Click for more merchant details of Premier Tax Free Rewards


III.Ctrip Tax Refund
ICBC Visa Credit Card holders can receive a 75-yuan-worth Ctrip tax refund gift pack (containing five 15-yuan-worth tax refund coupons) at Ctrip App before June 30, 2017.
2.Service process
(1) Download “Ctrip” APP, enter the “global purchase--tax refund”, click “tax refund gift pack” and fill in ICBC Visa card number for validation.
(2) Tax refund at airport: receive priority coupon for any airport and use it at Travelex tax refund counter. After 60 working days since the successful tax refund, 15 yuan of cash will be rebated to the Ctrip Wallet of the coupon receiver.
(3) Tax refund after returning from abroad: submit the tax refund order and mark the “using coupon” on the filling page. After 30 working days of the successful tax refund, 15 yuan cash will be rebated to the Ctrip Wallet of the coupon receiver.
3. Notes
Detailed rules upon coupons and reception can be acquired at “my--coupons” in Ctrip APP. If you have any question, please call 1010-6666.
About tax refund
·What is overseas shopping tax refund?
Overseas shopping tax refund is the policy to refund consumption tax in line with regulations which is valid when you buy carry-on goods over a certain amount of money in the overseas designated shops with refund service.
·Which shopping malls can provide refund service?
Shopping malls with “Tax Free” logo can provide refund service. Common tax refund company logos are as followed:

Service process
Step 1. Obtain tax refund documents from shopping malls
Tax refund form: After shopping, please ask the store for the refund form, fill in your credit card number and passport information, and then sign your name. Under normal circumstances, the tax refund form is in triplicate form. The first will be kept by merchants, and the other two forms (i.e., customer receipt and the copy of the form) shall be stamped by the customs at the airport before returning to China.
Envelope: Merchants will give customers envelopes with business address for mailing back the stamped tax rebate forms.

Step 2. Sealed by the customs at the airport
Before boarding, please show unopened duty-free goods, tax refund forms, shopping receipts, personal identification documents and other related materials to customs staff. After the customs inspection, tax refund forms will be stamped with customs seal.
Step 3. Tax refund
Tax refund at Refund Counter of overseas airport: If you choose the credit card refund, please fill in the credit card number, return the tax refund forms to the refund company’s counter or put them into mailbox of refund company before boarding. If you choose cash refund, you will receive cash on site (a certain percentage of the refund amount will be charged as fee).


Tips: Please go to the airport earlier for many people will wait in queue for tax refund. This is not applicable to people who are in hurry. If you choose cash, you should pay attention to currency restrictions for possible currency conversion fee.
Tax refund in China after returning from abroad: under this situation, please carry  tax refund documents, personal identification documents and other related materials to the tax refund company offices (for example, tax refund company counters at airport, cooperative bank outlets, tax refund company APP, etc., depending on regulations of the tax refund company channels).
In addition, please pay special attention to a situation that may cause unexpected losses: commodity prices whose taxes have been deducted (merchants often use this method to make the goods look cheaper). Therefore, you must carefully ask the clerk whether the goods tax has been included; if not, please remember to follow tax refund procedures (show duty-free goods to the customs, stamp tax refund forms with customs seal and send the tax refund forms to the tax refund company, etc.), otherwise the company has the right to deduct tax payable from your reserved credit card.