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Immediate Discount of Up to RMB800 Each Order on “I GO GLOBAL” at Tuniu.com

From present day to May 31, 2018


I. Activity Time
From present day to May 31, 2018
II. Cities Covered by the Activity
III. Activity Objects
Holders of ICBC UnionPay credit cards (with UnionPay logo, and which shall be applied for with ID cards)
IV. Activity Details
During the activity, ICBC UnionPay credit card holders that buy products such as outbound travel and domestic long-distance travel (at least 2 people booking for travel in each deal) and pay the full amount online by UnionPay quick payment, can enjoy a big rebate of RMB100 on each deal reaching RMB1,000, with maximum rebate of RMB500. It starts at 9:00 every day. The daily quota is 200 orders. The total quota is limited until the last one.
V. Activity Rules

1. Customers need to pay the full amount of the purchase order by ICBC UnionPay credit card online (PC+APP is supported) in order to participate in the activities (credit card payment at stores is not supported). If the credit card limit is not enough to pay for the orders, it can be topped up and then used for payment.
2. During the activity, one ICBC UnionPay credit card can participate in the activity three times at most and be used to pay up to three orders covered by the activity.
3. During the activity, orders of at least two adults are required for the activity, and single-person order cannot enjoy rebate in the activity. A rebate of RMB100 is provided on each deal reaching RMB1,000, with the maximum rebate up to RMB500. The daily quota is 200. On every Saturday and Sunday, a rebate of RMB800 is provided on each deal reaching RMB20,000, and an immediate discount of up to RMB800 is provided for each deal, for which the daily quota is 10.
4. The quota for the activity is limited, and it shall be based on the final payment results. If the quota for the activity has been used up, the remaining discount coupons will be repealed automatically, so please make your payments asap.
5. Within the sphere permitted by law, ICBC and Tuniu.com reserve the right to make changes in the activity, including but not limited to the qualification of participation, transaction time, reward method, suspension or cancellation of activity, which will come into effect after it is publicly announced via related channels (e.g., website, statements of account, SMS, newspapers and periodicals, or branches).
6. The activity rules shall be interpreted by Tuniu.com in accordance with relevant national laws, regulations and rules.