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Promotional Activities by ICBC and Shangri-La Hotel Group in 2017 - "Half Price for Guest Room"

On every weekends of the 32 weeks between January 21, 2017 to August 31, 2017


I. Activity Time
On every weekends of the 32 weeks between January 21, 2017 to August 31, 2017.


II. Details
During the activity, holders of ICBC Credit Cards who check into Shangri-La Hotel every weekends (including Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays) and make payment for guest rooms with ICBC Credit Cards (the Reception check out date is Saturdays, Sundays, Mondays) can enjoy half room price at a maximum reduction of RMB600. Each customer can only enjoy one room price discount per month. First come first served.
ICBC Shangri-La Co-branded Credit Card holders can enjoy 10% discount on room prices (excluding service fees and taxes) and then enjoy half price at a maximum reduction of RMB600. Meanwhile, holders are also entitled to receive an additional 2 times the consumption points for effective consumption in the hotel and a quick upgrade to Jade-level membership.


III. Activity Scope
The 46 Shangri-La Hotels in China (the applicable activity date for each hotel is in the list, please click to view


IV. Rules
1. “Half Price for Guest Room” means that holders pay the checkout amount with ICBC credit cards and they can enjoy a maximum price reduction of RMB600.
2. “Weekend Check-in” means customers checking into Shangri-La Hotel on Friday, Saturday and Sunday and checking out on Saturday, Sunday and Monday to enjoy the benefits. Each hotel is limited to 5 card holders per day. First come first served.
3. Customers need to make reservations via Shangri-La Hotel official website www.shangri-la.com or by dialing the free hotline 400-120-5900 of Shangri-La Hotel in mainland China or by calling the hotel reservation centers in mainland China. Please provide the preferential room price code "ICBC2" at the time of booking to have an opportunity to enjoy the benefits.
4. The activity date of each hotel is different and the list of publicity shall prevail.
5. In this activity, customers can enjoy benefits only when they pay the room rate with ICBC credit cards.
6. Each customer can enjoy room rate discount for once per month.
7. ICBC Shangri-La Co-branded Credit Card shall follow the terms and conditions of benefits.