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Up to RMB20 Incentive for I GO Cloud Quick Pass Payment with ICBC UnionPay Credit Card

From now to May 20, 2019


I. Activity Theme
ICBC UnionPay credit card I GO cloud quick pass payment

II. Activity Time
From now to May 20, 2019

III. Target Customers
Customers who have successfully linked ICBC UnionPay credit cards (number starting with 62) on cloud quick pass payment APP and made a single payment of over RMB10 through payment codes or scanning. 

IV. Activity Scope
All merchants accepting UnionPay QR codes

V. Activity Details
During the period of offer, customers who have registered or logged into cloud quick pass payment APP, linked and used ICBC UnionPay credit cards on APP and made a QR code payment (limited to offline merchants, and both active and passive scanning are acceptable) of over RMB10 through “payment” have the chance to acquire a random incentive (up to RMB20 and no more than the transaction amount).
One user (the user who uses the same payment card number, mobile phone number registered on APP, mobile phone number registered when applying for bank card, equipment number or ID card number is considered as the same user) can only enjoy one offer during the period of offer. The incentive is valid for one month.
During the period of offer, there are limited quotas of 1,000,000 on a first-come-first-served basis.

VI. Mode of Participation
1. Download cloud quick pass payment APP, make a true name registration, and link the physical UnionPay credit card (number starting with 62, limited to category-I accounts or category-II and III accounts supporting money flow to non-linked accounts) issued by ICBC in China.
2. When paying purchase at stores, show the “payment code” generated by cloud quick pass payment APP and then cashiers scan the code to complete payment; or open APP “scan” to scan the “collection code” of merchants to complete payment.
3. Upon successful payment, the incentive will be sent to cloud quick pass payment APP. Please acquire the incentive in the incentive zone of cloud quick pass payment APP within 30 days after successful payment. Upon expiry, it will become invalid. Users who have not registered cloud quick pass payment APP need to register the APP and link UnionPay card for payment before acquiring the incentive.
When participating in the activity, please update APP to the latest version.

VII. Activity Rules
1. The user who uses the same equipment, registered mobile phone number, mobile phone number registered when applying for bank card, physical bank card number, ID card number or APP account number is considered as the same user.
2. Users need to participate in person through their own electronic devices, APP account numbers and bank cards.
3. Users are not allowed to split orders. One payment is allowed at the cashier for one queuing. In case of multiple payments, they need to queue again. If users violate queuing rules, the cashier has the right to reject their further use of UnionPay QR codes to make payment.
4. The offer is only limited to the transactions transferred to ICBC from UnionPay. Prepaid commodities (such as consumption coupon, goods pick-up coupon and prepaid card), tobacco and wine are not entitled to the offer.
5. If a reversal (such as refunding and cancellation) occurs to the transaction enjoying the offer, the user will be deemed as waiving the offer. If the incentive has not been acquired, the issued incentive shall be withdrawn. If acquired, corresponding deduction will be made from subsequent incentives. The offer will be deemed as used up.
6. If users cannot acquire the offer due to their electronic devices’ failure to support the offer, APP failure to be updated to the latest version, card loss reporting, card replacement and other reasons irrelevant to the activity organizer, the offer won’t be provided again.
7. To bring the offer to more users, China UnionPay and merchants may not give offers for the users who use or are suspected of using the methods that are in violation of the activity rules or illicit to seek UnionPay offer and the tools (including but not limited to mobile phone number, bank card number and APP account number) used by them. The issued offer shall be recovered. They shall be disqualified for the future offers of UnionPay.
8. All time points of the activity shall be subject to the background system time of China UnionPay. To the extent permitted by the law, UnionPay reserves the right to adjust, suspend or terminate the activity, which will take effect once announced.
9. Users’ participation in the activity indicates understanding and agreeing on the activity rules. In case of any doubt about the activity rules, please call China UnionPay’s customer service hotline 95516 or log into ICBC website and the WeChat public account of “icbccards”. Any question shall be raised within two weeks after the end of the activity. Overdue case will not be accepted.