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【Corporate Governance】ICBC Wins the “Best Bank in China” for the 15th Time

ICBC was recently granted the annual “Best Bank in China” by Global Finance for the 15th time, citing excellent business performance and high-quality financial services.

In 2021, ICBC adhered to the general principle of seeking progress while maintaining stability, proceeded with the characteristics of the new development stage in mind, applied the new development philosophy, and served the creation of a new development pattern. Focusing on the supply-side structural reform as the main line, ICBC worked further to make financial services more adaptable, competitive and inclusive to better meet the financial needs of the real economy and the people. Those efforts provided strong support to get the 14th Five-year Plan off to a good start.

Founded in 1987, the New York-headquartered magazine Global Finance has readers across 193 countries and regions. The expert panel that selects the Best Banks comprises of professional editors, executives of financial companies, bankers, bank consultants and analysts. During selection, the panel considers both objective indicators like asset growth, profitability, geographical distribution, strategy implementation, new business development and product innovation, and subjective assessments by stock analysts, credit rating analysts, bank consultants and other professionals on banks.