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【Green Finance】ICBC Issues the First Green and Low Carbon Co-branded Credit Card

ICBC recently officially issued ICBC XX Power Grid Co-brand Credit Card, the first green and low carbon co-branded credit card in the Bank. As a “green finance” product that is co-created by ICBC and a power grid company and integrates financial services and power supply service, the co-branded card is committed to providing cardholders with more financial services and better power use experience.

With dignified dark blue as its background and electric poles and towers and flowing lines as its main elements, the co-branded card offers selected green privileges like green and low carbon consumption privileges, special offers for localized power charging and top-up gifts and integrates financial privileges like “welcome gifts” for new customers, tolerance amount and grace period service, WeChat binding, award point accumulation when using JD Pay, etc. It is not only an important measure of ICBC to support consumption upgrading and boost growth in domestic demand but also an active practice to help save energy and reduce emissions and support personal customers pursuing a better life.

Developed based on the effective mechanism for the social public to participate in the national campaign of carbon peak and carbon neutrality, the co-branded card is an innovative exploration of the carbon finance business. The card can capture users’ transaction data and services under green and low carbon scenarios. It currently supports cardholders obtaining green and low carbon energy via UnionPay Cloud Flash Pay’s “Green Consumption” (taking public transport, taking subway, paying for charging of NEVs, etc.) “Environmental Protection Q&As” and “Environmental Protection Games”. Such energy can be used to exchange for a variety of privileges or get a lucky draw. Cardholders can even have a chance to win the certificate of honor for carbon emission reduction. The co-branded card is committed to offering exclusive privileges to cardholders who love a green and low carbon lifestyle.

Next, ICBC will continue to follow the path of the people’s finance that aims to use financial business to serve, benefit, facilitate and reassure the people. Upholding the green development philosophy, ICBC will promote digital, intelligent and ecological transformation by building a quality credit card service system, so as to provide customers with more convenient, more efficient and greener payment and consumption experience and support the people in living a better life in a world with lucid waters and lush mountains.