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【Investor relations management】ICBC Adheres to Adopting Prudent and Appropriate Cash Dividend Policies to Return Long-term Value Investors

Recently, the China Association for Public Companies published the lists of cash dividends by A-share listed companies. Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (“ICBC”) has been ranked No.1 in the “A-share Listed Companies with Generous Returns” mainly for its one-year and three-year cash dividends.

Since it went public on October 27, 2006, ICBC has been consistently serving the real economy and clients, achieving sustainable development in business quality, structure, scale, speed, efficiency and security. While keeping strengthening value creation, the Bank also sticks to a stable cash dividend mechanism. With this mechanism, ICBC has become the largest cash dividend payer in the A-share market and safeguarded the shareholders’ right to share its earnings.

Featuring stable and high cash returns for shareholders, ICBC is an ideal investment target for long-term, responsible and value investors. Since its listing, the Bank’s cash dividends have always accounted for more than 30% of its net profits. Based on the average share price in the first quarter of 2022, the dividend rate for A shares was 6.25%, the dividend rate for H shares was 7.74%, and the net assets per share continued to rise to RMB8.37, more than 5 times that of 2007.

Robustness is the golden key for a business to survive the severe competition. In the face of great changes unseen in a century, ICBC will hold fast to its commitment to the shareholders, its mission of serving the real economy and financial consumers, and its goal of creating excellent value and stable returns. In the journey of building a world-class and modern financial enterprise with global competitiveness, ICBC will continue to advance the high-quality development to a new stage and create higher value returns for the shareholders and society.