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【Investor relations management】ICBC Wins an Investor Relations “Pegasus Award” for Chinese Listed Companies

On April 22, 2022, the list of the 13th Investor Relations “Pegasus Awards” for Chinese Listed Companies, which was sponsored by Securities Times, organized by and guided by China Securities Investor Services Center, was revealed. ICBC won “Best Investor Relations Case Award” for Chinese listed companies. The jury pointed out that in this year’s review, ICBC was widely recognized by the market and investors with its outstanding management.

In 2021, ICBC continued to well manage its investor relations. Specifically, ICBC held the annual, semi-annual and quarterly results briefings with high quality, held a diversity of creative routine investor relations activities, further intensified proactive information disclosure to play its role well as a “capital market information bridge”, and kept improving corporate governance.

The “Pegasus Awards”, which has been held for 13 sessions since its founding, was the earliest selection activity held by domestic mainstream media that focuses on investor relations management in the capital market. ICBC has received relevant awards for many times straight. The “Best Investor Relations Case Award” that ICBC received this year is a comprehensive award highlighting operation capability and communication effect in investor communication, refinancing, capital market brand building, etc.