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1. What is the swift code of ICBC Phnom Penh for inward remittance?
The swift code of ICBC Phnom Penh is ICBKKHPP

2.How to login the ICBC Phnom Penh E-Banking service?
You can access the website: WWW.ICBC.COM.KH, and then select the Personal Banking or Corporate Banking.

3. How to start using ICBC online banking?
To get started, you have to follow the steps below:
A.Enter your 19 digits account number for example:6008000100000123456
B.Enter your login password
C.Enter the 4 digits verification code

4. How to change a new password after first time signing on?
You need to create a new password with 6 to 30 characters . Your password is case sensitive and must be a combination of letters (A-Z, a-z) and numbers (0-9).

5. What should I do if my login password was frozen?
Your login password will be temporarily frozen after 3 unsuccessful attempts when signing in and it will automatically release on the next day. After 6 unsuccessful attempts, your login password will be permanently frozen, then you have to visit any of our branches to reset your password.

6. What should I do if I have forgotten my login password for online banking?
You need to visit any of our branches to reset your login password.

7.Why do I need to create a user name for online banking?
After creating the user name, you do not need to memorize your 19 digit account number.
The step of creating user name:
A First login personal internet banking
B choose “set logon option “ under “customer service”
C select “user name + logon password” on loginning internet banking”
D imput your 6-15 letters or letters combined with numbers(pay attention to the capitalization of the letter)
E press the key of confirming modification

8.What is a “USB-shield”?
Answer: USB-shield is a security product of ICBC with national patent and a tool for e-signing and digital authentication of online banking, which assures your fund safety by ensuring the confidentiality, authenticity, integrity and non-repudiation of online transactions.

9.What to do if a customer has the e-certificate “USB-shield” lost?
 In case of losing the e-certificate “USB-shield”, the online banking customer is requested to approach in person the service outlet for loss reporting and a replacement key.

10. What information of the beneficiary should be provided when I make remittance?
(1) Name of the beneficiary;
(2) Beneficiary’s Bank A/C No. (The beneficiary’s address and contact number should be provided)
(3) The name of the receiving bank
(4) Purpose of the Remittance

11. Is there any limit on the remittance amount?
In case of remittance to China with Pre-Exchange Service, there is a limit of USD10,000 or its equivalent for a single deal.