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Fixed Assets Supported Loans

☆ Introduction
Fix Assets Support Financing refers to the loans ICBC grants to borrowers to meet their financing requirements during their diversified productions and operations with borrows’ sustained and stable cash flows (such as service fee revenues, rent revenues, and operating revenues, etc.) as the first repayment sources generated from their future operations of their high-quality operating assets that they own and have been completed and already in operations.

☆ Target Client
Fix assets support financing services are applicable to the enterprise customers with reasonable capital requirements in their productions and operations.

☆ Application Conditions
1. The credit ratings and their owner equity of the fix assets support financing services borrowers need to meet ICBC-specified stipulations;
2. The borrowers need to have fine operating and accounting situations, and have no bad credit records in bank financing activities;
3. and the specific assets the borrowers operating must conform to state stipulations and ICBC’s requirements.

☆ The above is for reference only. Details refer to the rules drawn up by ICBC Phnom Penh Branch. To save your time, please consult ICBC Phnom Penh Branch before applying for the service.