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RMB Cross-border Financing and Settlement

We provide flexible RMB product for corporate financing and settlement business, including RMB cross border settlement, RMB deposits, international clearing, financing, and foreign exchange transactions.

Products:Inward Remittance, LC/bank guarantee advising, transferable LC, LC negotiation, export collection, Outward Remittance, LC/ Standby LC, import collection, shipping Guarantee, non-financing guarantee, export discounting and overseas loan under domestic financing guarantee.

Advantages:Strong liquidity position in RMB, good Interest rate. ICBC can fulfill your RMB needs and price since ICBC has the biggest RMB position; Convenient procedure increase your capital turnover; You can apply for low risk RMB international settlement business immediately after account has been setup.

Benefit from the ICBC national-wide network, you can collect your money at any bank anywhere in mainland China.ICBC also has a global network with 1,809 corresponding banks and 338 oversea institutions. In addition to our wide range group’s product pool, we are happy to provide you customized products to fit your needs.