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China Urban Finance

China Urban Finance (ISSN1003-1014; CN11-1137/F) published its first issue in May 1987. China Urban Finance is a monthly financial magazine published by ICBC under the approval of General Administration of Press and Publication to international and China. China Urban Finance has a basket of columns:  Financial News, News at a Glance, Media Focus, Review, Feature Column, Special Delivery, Business Management, Financial Pioneer, Overseas Angle, Banking Terms, Industry Watch, Wealth Management, Capital Market, ICBC History of Dialogue and Bank Museum. All China Urban Finance columns include coverage of national policy in economic and financial, economy and financial in China and overseas, latest development in ICBC’s reform, progress of hot industries, latest moves by peers around the world, challenges faced by a bank, hot topics and the history of banking sector.

China Urban Finance is a magazine for bankers, securities professionals, business executives and financial personnel of industry and commerce, accounting professionals, students and professors from universities of economic and financial major, research team in financial institutions. The magazine is a channel of financial news and information, an exchange platform for widening the macro economic perspective and job experience for all financial executives and researchers.

China Urban Finance
Director of the Editorial Committee: Mr. Yang Kaisheng;
Vice Directors of the Editorial Committee: Zhan Xiangyang, Liu Biao

Members of Editorial Committee: Bai Tao, Bi Mingqiang, Cai Dong, Chen Aiping, Chen Fei, Chen Xiaoyan, Chen Zhibiao, Cong Lin, Cui Jiqian, Feng Xiaokai, Gao Ming, Gao Zhixin, Guo Tehua, Guo Wei, Han Ruixiang, Hao Bin, He Xiaojian, Hu Hao, Hu Ye, Huang Mingxiang, Hui Ping, Jiang Tao,  Jiang Guoqiang, Jiang Yulin, Jin Xiaopeng, Li Chunman, Li Mingtian, Li Qun, Li Weiping, Li Xiaobo, Lin Xiaoxuan, Liu Dan, Liu Jin, Liu Ruixia, Liu Yagan, Liu Zigang, Lv Zhongtao, Luan Jiansheng, Ma Jian, Ma Xiangjun, Mo Fumin, Niu Gang, Qian Yi, Shen Rujun, Sun Chiping, Suo Xiangdong, Suo Xuquan, Tian Fenglin, Tian Zhiping, Wang Chixi, Wang Gang, Wang Liping, Wang Xiaoyan, Wang Xiushan, Wang Yungui, Wu Bin, Wu Hongbo, Xi Deying, Xie Zhong, Xu Jinlei, Xu Yan, Xue Hongjian, Yuan Bin, Zhang Chunlei, Zhang Weiwu, Zhang Wei, Zhao Hongyu, Zhao Jingfen, Zhao Yue, Zheng Weidong, Zhou Ming, Zhou Yueqiu, Zhu Changfa, Zhu Lifei, Zhu Mingxuan, Zhu Xiaoping.

China Urban Finance
Editor-in-Chief: Liu Biao;
Executive Editor-in-Chief: Wu Zhenhua.

China Urban Finance is published every month on the 15th, 80 pages in 16-page in color, RMB10 per issue and RMB 120 for a yearly subscription.

Address:Newsroom, China Urban Finance
     Zhonghai Real Estate Building
     96, Taipingqiao Av.
     Xicheng District, Beijing,