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Services for Custody Assets’ Investment in Wealth Management Products

I. Product Overview
As a custody pioneer in the Chinese mainland, ICBC, since becoming the first to offer custody service in China in 1998, has always been adhering to the principle of “integrity and diligence”. By virtue of its rigorous and scientific risk management and internal control systems, regulated business management model, advanced operation system and a professional team, the bank has provided investors, financial asset management institutions and corporate customers at home and abroad with safe, efficient and professional custody services, demonstrating its sound market image and great influence and winning standing reliance and respect from customers. After more than 19 years of development, ICBC has now become a custodian bank with the most various custody services and the most complete scope of services.
In order to further serve investors, ICBC, on the basis of offering basic services of five categories including asset safekeeping, fund clearing, accounting, asset valuation, and supervision on investment, has launched value-added custody service, namely, “wealth management service for asset under custody” which offers value-added custody services, including investment consultant, product share registration, investment fund clearing, revenue accounting and distribution, and investment performance evaluation, for consignors to invest in wealth management products of commercial banks.

II. Target Customers
All sorts of customers allowed by regulatory policies and built partnerships with ICBC on custody business.

III. Scope of Services
i. Exclusive investment platform: offering an exclusive channel for wealth management product investments via Internet banking, designing, according to customers’ demands, products with different terms, investment targets, degree of risks, and income level, and broadening investment channels to provide customers with diversified options;
ii. Investment consulting: according to customers’ risk appetite and use of funds, offering information of asset management products such as wealth management products, and suggestions for asset allocation to enhance customers’ rate of return on investment;
iii. Product share registration: offering service of registering wealth management product’s shares for commercial banks, building a separate account for each wealth management product, recording contents such as customer’s investment amount, wealth management product’s share, and prospective earnings to ensure clear accounts, fund security and investment interests of customers.
iv. Investment fund clearing: according to customer’s instruction for investments via Internet banking, providing the customer with a series of clearing services such as freezing of investment funds, unfreezing of the funds, clearing, and return of matured principal and earnings to further enhance investment efficiency of funds in custody account;
v. Revenue accounting and distribution: calculation of return on investment can be realized by systems, and the matured return on investment can be automatically returned to previous account of transfer;
vi. Investment performance evaluation: regularly offering evaluation and consulting services in terms of earning measurement, risk measurement and investment operation analysis, for asset management products including the wealth management products; deeply and carefully analyzing investment operations of custody assets to ensure safety and appreciation of customer’s funds and help the customer make a scientific and reasonable decision when choosing the investment manager.

IV. Advantages
i. ICBC knows situation of consignor’s funds and is able to provide the customer with professional investment suggestions.
ii. ICBC boasts professional capability in investment, rich experience in custody business and strict internal control mechanisms, which can guarantee safety of the customer’s investment funds and clear accounts.
iii. ICBC service for custody assets’ investment in wealth management product adopts the transaction mode of online custody platform, and uses U-shield, encryption certificate and password for verification in the operational process, and formulates strict approval process for funds transfer to ensure integrity, safety and timeliness of transfer of customer’s funds.
iv. By adhering to the service philosophy of optimizing basic service, innovating value-added service and providing comprehensive financial service, ICBC keeps optimizing and upgrading the service quality in the custody process.

V. Business Guide
i. Business contact: customers who have demands for service of custody asset investment in wealth management products can contact the Asset Custody Department of the Head Office or local branches of ICBC;
ii. Signing of agreement: a wealth management service agreement will be signed and service function of the custody online platform will be opened, based on smooth communication and customer’s demands.
iii. Opening of account: funds accounts for investment in wealth management products will be opened as required by regulators;
iv. Custody operation: valued-added services including investment consultant for wealth management products of commercial banks, product share registration, investment fund clearing, revenue accounting and distribution, and investment performance evaluation will be provided according to custody agreement.

VI. Contact Information
If you would like to apply for any service, please contact the Entrusted Asset Division II of Asset Custody Department of ICBC:
Liaison: Zhang Kerong, Jia Ruicheng
Tel.: (8610)66105763/5739
Fax: (8610)66105761
E-MAIL: kerong.zhang@icbc.com.cn