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Ctrip Moneylink Card

Ctrip Moneylink Card is a co-brand debit card issued jointly by ICBC and Ctrip.com, the first co-brand card in China that integrates finance and business trip by providing the composite financial, traveling, and business services.

Making use of their respective advantages, ICBC and Ctrip.com together offer you high-quality, professional, considerate, and convenient services, so as to satisfy your demand for consumer payment, investment and wealth management, and tourist services, therefore elevating your life quality in all dimensions.

☆ How to Apply for Peony Ctrip Moneylink Card
Clients can bring valid ID card to a designated ICBC branch to apply for Peony Ctrip Moneylink Card. Holders of Peony Ctrip Moneylink Card immediately become clients of ICBC Moneylink Card and Ctrip VIP Card.

☆ Functions of Peony Ctrip Moneylink Card
Holders of Peony Ctrip Moneylink Card can access to all financial services, including POS spending, savings deposit, self-service, and personal loan, etc. Clients are provided with a comprehensive package by financial services through using the card at any ICBC banking outlet, ATM, POS, self-service terminal, Internet Banking, Telephone Banking, Mobile Banking, as well as overseas ATM and POS with the sign of China UnionPay.

Feature Services
Exclusive Service Hotline: clients of the co-brand card are entitled to the Ctrip exclusive service hotline 400-690-5588.

Exclusive Tour Products: clients of the co-brand card have the access to exclusive products of tour packages.

Exclusive Double Points: clients of the co-brand card are provided with the special service of Ctrip point double accumulation, whereas the points can be converted to various rewards.

Exclusive Favorable Terms for Payment: clients of the co-brand card automatically become member of Ctrip VIP Card. POS spending in the 3000 Ctrip special merchants in 14 cities of China enjoys 10-30% discount (the discount rate varies in each store, so please refer to the discount rate of each specific store).

Exclusive Service Information: clients of the co-brand card are offered free information of business trip services, tour services, Ctrip VIP membership promotions, etc.

Ctrip VIP Card Services
Hotel Reservation: Ctrip is in cooperation with over 28,000 hotels covering 134 countries and regions. There are plenty of rooms in the major hotels, which provide the real-time confirmation service. Clients of Ctrip membership can enjoy discounted prices, and their interest is secured by the hotels' undertaking of low-price compensation.

Flight Booking: Ctrip offers flight inquiry and booking services of all domestic and international airline companies, with its network covering 53 cities in China. Ctrip member are provided with free service of intra-city ticket delivery, as well as that of intra-city booking and inter-city delivery. Ctrip has also set up a One-Hour Trapeze Channel, which offers rapid e-ticket booking service.

Resort Booking: Ctrip provides a comprehensive line of tour products, including self-service trip, overseas travel team, semi-self-service trip, etc., which cover over 200 resorts around the globe. Clients also have access to the multiple combinations and choices of travel means and itineraries.

Point Rewards: Clients can earn bonus points through booking hotels, air tickets, and tour products. You can obtain the points by booking for yourself or others. The points can be easily converted to various gifts, ranging from tour packages to everyday products. Clients can also earn double points through online booking.

Special Merchants: Ctrip is in cooperation with over 3,000 domestic high-quality special merchants spreading in 14 major cities and covering all aspects of catering and entertainment. Clients can enjoy discounts as low as 50% by the VIP sign on the back of the card.

Travel Information: Ctrip provides online inquiry service concerning 550 tourist destinations, 11,000 resorts, 28,000 hotels and major flight routes around the world. It also offers its members three-dimensional travel information service through its abundant online information, as well as travel books and magazines.

For more information about the services, please visit www.ctrip.com.

The above is for reference only. Details refer to the rules drawn up by local ICBC branch. To save your time, please call your local ICBC before applying for the service.

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