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Service Advantages

I. Robust business management style
By adherence to the robust business management style and through continuous endeavour and stable development, ICBC has developed into a leading large bank in the world, with a high-quality customer base, diversified business structure, strong innovation capability and market competitiveness. Especially, against the background of unstable global economic and financial situations and the slowdown of China's economic growth, ICBC has unique advantages in dealing with economic fluctuations and in countering risks. The strong comprehensive strength and steady business management style enable ICBC to provide customers with long-term and safe annuity fund management services for decades or even hundreds of years during the operations of annuity plan.

II. Leading technology level
ICBC has always adhered to and implemented the "technology-driven" strategy, with a leading position in terms of technology level in China’s financial industry. ICBC has a technology team with more than 10,000 employees. It is the first bank that has built “three centers in two places” in the banking sector, to achieve centralized storage and unified processing of data across the Bank. The data center supports continuous operation of 7×24 hours; and its reliability and availability have reached a leading level in the global banking sector. At the same time, the self-developed annuity business system has won the technology awards issued by the People's Bank of China, the only annuity management system with such awards in the banking sector. Due to advanced technology application systems and leading technology management level, ICBC can guarantee the safety and integrity of annuity fund information and properties to the greatest extent.

III. Well-developed service network
ICBC has the most intensive and convenient service network in China, including outlets, ATMs, self-service banking centers and e-banking channels such as the Internet banking, telephone banking and mobile banking, which jointly constitute a three-dimensional customer service platform. Any customer group can get access to suitable services. Meanwhile, intensive and reasonable service outlets can fully connect with the institutions under customers' jurisdictions. By means of “localized” service modes, outlets can promptly provide thoughtful annuity services according to customer needs, allowing them to feel “annuity services around them” at all times.

IV. "Full licence" business qualification
In August 2005, ICBC became the first bank to obtain the qualifications of corporate annuity fund account manager and custodian recognized by the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security. Among the four largest domestic commercial banks, it was the only one to obtain such qualifications at the same time. In November 2007, ICBC was qualified as a trustee of corporate annuity funds, one of the first batch of banking institutions to receive such qualification. Meanwhile, ICBC Credit Suisse Asset Management Co., Ltd. controlled by ICBC also obtained the qualification as corporate annuity fund investment manager. Since then, ICBC has been granted the "full licence" for annuity business, enabling the bank to provide a full range of annuity services according to customer needs.

V. Leading market position
Following the standardization and development of China’s pension system, ICBC has become the largest annuity management institution in China. Since the release of corporate annuity business data by the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security, ICBC has maintained a dominant leading position in terms of management scale, indicating that ICBC's services have been widely recognized by all sectors of the society and laid a sound foundation for the Bank to reward customers.

VI. Rich experience in custody services
As one of the earliest financial institutions to participate in the research and design of annuity system in China and the first domestic institution to establish annuity plan and provide external services, ICBC’s customers include electricity, coal, tobacco, machinery, finance, steel, railways, civil aviation, publishing, IT, construction, commerce, medicine and many other industries, covering state-owned, collective, private, foreign investment and other kinds of enterprises. In the process of establishing and implementing annuity system and serving customers, ICBC has accumulated valuable service experience, developed a mature annuity management and service system, and trained a professional and dedicated service team, to provide customers with the most professional, standardized and efficient annuity services.

VII. Abundant value-added services
ICBC, as a “full license” annuity management institution, can provide customers with one or more annuity services; besides, by relying on all-around professional capabilities and technical teams, the Bank can provide customers with integrated value-added services across various business types. In addition, as the largest commercial bank in China, ICBC has the most extensive product lines among domestic banks, which can coordinate the Bank's resources, render comprehensive financial services to customers and employees, and satisfy customers' personalized service requirements to the greatest extent.

VIII. Professional service team
ICBC has always been committed to establishing a professional annuity service team, to ensure that professionals have a high level of theoretical foundation and active work enthusiasm through continuous rigorous training, effective assessment and incentives. By way of localized operations and services, professionals can obtain first-hand information and get familiar with every aspect of annuity business operations. So far, ICBC has forged a high-quality annuity service team from the Head Office to the grass-roots institutions, to form a three-dimensional service system that integrates the unified management of the Head Office and the collaborative services of the whole bank. By fully utilizing and giving full play to the advantages of extensive service network, ICBC can provide “localized” annuity management services with the most distinctive features, to ensure professional and convenient services to the greatest extent.

IX. Strict risk management
As the largest financial institution specialized in currency and credit business, ICBC attaches great importance to risk management and prevention. As a financial institution listed in both Shanghai and Hong Kong and an important bank in global financial system, ICBC actively accepts supervision from domestic and international regulatory authorities, to keep enhancing its capabilities in the corporate governance and risk management. The Bank has successfully applied the experiences, concepts and methods of effective risk control accumulated in years of business operations to the annuity management services. Effective and stringent risk control measures have been taken from three aspects including rules, systems and personnel, to minimize and avoid errors in the course of business operations, fully safeguard the rights and interests of the beneficiaries, and ensure the safety of annuity fund assets and information.

X. Close cooperation
ICBC has always been adhering to the "customer-first" service concept. Over the years of providing financial services, ICBC has carried out fruitful cooperation and established mutually beneficial, long-term and favourable cooperative relationship with companies, institutions, social security departments and fiscal authorities in many business areas, including deposits and loans, fund settlement, collection and disbursement of all insurance funds, and local debt underwriting. The normal and orderly management of annuities is inseparable from the benign cooperation and collaboration between customers and management institutions. Close bank-enterprise and bank-securities relationship can help reduce both parties' production costs. ICBC is willing to provide professional, safe and convenient annuity services for customers, and it would like to work together with customers and employees sincerely and confidently.