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The Brand

I. The Brand
"ICBC Global Services" is a collection of product and services on the settlement, finance and smart investment in RMB and foreign exchange. This value-added service aims to minimize exchange risk and reduce financial cost during international settlement and Trade Financing.

II. Product Introduction
"ICBC Global Services" consists of two main services: "Services Mart" and "Commercial Package".

"Services Mart" covers all the necessary products from Invitation to Tender, Contract Negotiation, Enter Agreement, Goods Collection, Production and Sales, Payment against Import, Export Collection to Contract Completed. Included in "Services Mart" are International Settlement, Trade Financing, F/X Guarantee, Risk Management, F/X Financial Products and some RMB products closely related to international trade.

"Commercial Package" is a product portfolio designed to satisfy what a customer typically wants in export and import services. The portfolio puts into consideration the characteristics of current China trade, development trend and international trade policy. "Commercial Package" starts from international settlement and puts together a package from a list of products in trade settlement, Trade Financing, F/X risk aversion and smart investment, RMB settlement finance. Customers will find this package not only solve the problem of settlement, but also help to get the funding, avoid risk and facilitate the purchasing in China.

III. Service Features
Combined application of international settlement, Trade Financing and fund management
Combined application of trade services import and export
Services available both for domestic trade and international trade
Global services, fast and convenient, competitive price
Open product system, any combination

IV. Target client
All trade companies across the world that need services in international settlement, Trade Financing and fund management.

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