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Domestic Letters of Credit

I. Description
The Bank, at request of the buyer, issues payment commitment, undertaking to fulfill the payment responsibility to the seller when documents meet conditions specified in the L/C.

II. Target Customers
The buyer doesn’t have adequate working capital or has other investment opportunities, thus wishing to complete commodity transaction and control transaction risk via the Bank’s credit. 

III. Features and Advantages
i. The buyer can take advantage of the Bank’s credit to enhance its credit rating, improve its position during the business negotiations, and facilitate trade;
ii. The business reduces fund occupation, accelerates turnover of funds, and optimizes the financial statements for the buyer;
iii. It takes advantage of documents and terms of the L/C to control cargo right, shipping date and quality, and reduce transaction risks.

IV. Qualifications
i. Approved/registered in accordance with the law, having obtained corporate business license or other valid documents that certify the company’s business legality and business scope;
ii. Having opened a basic deposit account or a general deposit account with the Bank;
iii. Being creditworthy and able to repay lending principal and interest on schedule;
iv. Having legal and valid purchase/sale contract, and planning to settle via L/C; and
v. Meeting other requirements of the Bank.

V. Handling Procedures
i. The Bank, at request of the buyer, determines a credit line according to its solvency, performance records and guarantee measures etc.
ii. The buyer submits an application for issuing L/C. After that, the Bank will sign the L/C business agreement with the borrower following examination of relevant materials, and issue domestic L/C after the borrower has completed pertinent procedure such as providing guarantee;
iii. The Bank makes payment after confirming that the L/C-related documents received are correct.

Note: Information on the page is for reference only. Please refer to announcements and regulations of local outlets for specific business.

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