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Investment Banking Advisory Services

ICBC's investment banking advisory services are designed to meet the needs of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises in financial advisory, economic analysis, financial planning, investment and financing consultancy, which helps Customers with operations and management decision-making and promoting long-term business development.

I. Constant Financial Advisory Service
ICBC's constant financial advisory service provides Customers with services including financial advisory, economic analysis and financial planning.

① Expertise in financial management and financial consultancy.

② Providing customized advisory service for Customers' reference in operations and management decision-making.

II. Information Service Business
ICBC's information service business is designed for providing credit information for Customers.

① Wide range of services including credit certification, credit research and credit rating, as well as information consultancy.

② Easy and quick application.

III. Investment and Financing Advisory Business
ICBC's investment and financing advisory business provides Customers with customized investment and financing advisory services.

① Large variety of services, including consultancy in bank loan, corporate bond, financing lease.

② Rich experience in financing, able to offer a series of investment and financing solutions to control financing costs and increase financial elasticity.

IV. Agency Collection and Payment Business
ICBC's agency collection and payment business offers collection and payment services on behalf of Customers.


Dealing with collections in bulk to increase efficiency and ensure in-time capital allocation, such as payroll payment services.

V. Safe Deposit Box Business
ICBC's safe deposit box service provides Customers with the safe deposit box that Customers can use to store their valuables.

① Easy to apply, safe to use.

② A variety of items to be stored in the safe deposit box, including valuables, securities and important documents.

VI. Agency Bond Settlement Business
ICBC's agency bond settlement business involves that ICBC provides bond settlement and related financial services in the inter-bank security market on behalf of Customers to meet their investment needs.

① Higher return than ordinary deposit interests.

② Increasing asset liquidity by repurchase, purchase and sales of bonds.

③ Providing services, including inter-bank bond market information, market analysis and consultancy, and financial advisory.

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