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SME Overdraft Loan of Cash Management Account Card

I. Introduction
Cash Management Account card overdraft loan refers to the loan business in which the small and micro enterprises (SMEs) rely on the settlement account and take the Cash Management Account card as a medium to directly get loans in the form of account overdraft within ratified overdraft limit when their settlement accounts run short, which can meet their daily short-term funds demands for purchases of raw materials and inventory, and payment of daily management expenditures.

II. Target Customers
The Cash Management Account card overdraft loan is suitable for the SMEs meeting the Bank’s small business credit policies and systems.

III. Distinctive Advantages
1. Sufficient credit line. Each customer’s overdraft loan amount can be up to RMB 5 million by means of real estate mortgage or low-risk guarantees. Each customer’s overdraft loan amount can be up to RMB 2 million by means of guarantees or third-party real estate mortgage.
2. Simple loan procedures. In the Cash Management Account card overdraft loan business, the principle of “short-term, small-amount, revolving use and quick borrowing and quick repayment” is followed.

IV. Application Conditions
1. Business in conformity to national industry policy and the Bank’s industry credit policy, normal business operation, sound growth, marketable products, good profitability, and establishment for more than a year;
2. Favorable credit records,, good partnership with the Bank, with no bad credit history (including legal representative of the borrower and spouse);
3. Primary deposit account or general deposit account opened in the Bank to be the account of sales proceeds.
4. Holding ICBC Cash Management Account gold card or platinum card;
5. Other conditions stipulated by the lending branch.

Note: Information herein is for reference only. Please refer to the announcements and regulations of local branches for further details.

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