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B-Share Securities Services

I. Introduction  
B-Share Securities Transfer is a service offered for clients to complete real-time transfer of F/X during B-Share trading.

Through B-Share Securities Services, you can transact F/X transfers between accounts of securities companies and accounts authorized by ICBC, and inquire account balance and details.

II. Target Client
It applies to clients who have opened security capital account and B-share capital account, processed designated stock trade, and signed up for ICBC E-banking.

III. Features
1. Money credited into your account in real-time for you timely investment in B-share market.
2. Strong Internet Banking functions for B-share capital transfer, and inquiry of bond balance trading details.

IV. Application Condition
Registered clients of ICBC E-banking holding ICBC personal current account of settlement (ICBC Money Link Card, or Elite Club Card). 

V. Sign up
You should first go to the sales department of the securities company to sign up for the service of "B-Share Bank-Securities Transfer". Please then go to an ICBC branch to open your account with your valid ID card, personal current account of settlement (ICBC Money Link Card, or Elite Club Card)), and the application form of "B-Share Bank-Securities Transfer" Service.

Ⅵ. Service Channel and Time
The trading time of transfer for Internet Banking, Telephone Banking and Mobile Phone Banking (WAP) is 9: 00-15: 30 on stock exchange days. Due to the differences of service time among the securities companies, please check the details of the individual company.

Ⅶ. Considerations
You can only operate "B-Share Bank-Securities Transfer" when you have transferred the US dollars or HK dollars in your current account to a margin account of the same currency.

Ⅷ. Definition
B-Share: the formal name of B-Share is special RMB Share. It is a kind of shock whose face value is marked by RMB, but is only available for subscription and trading in foreign currencies, and is listed and traded in Stock Exchanges in the Chinese territory (Shanghai Exchange and Shenzhen Exchange).

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