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ICBC (MACAU) Witness Account Business

☆ Introduction
Witness Account Business is to open a personal account of ICBC (MACAU) that provides witness services through the domestic ICBC branches. This business is confined to domestic residents to apply.
After opening an account, you can handle a variety of monetary demand deposits, time deposits, remittance, payment, and financial investment businesses. In order to facilitate the use of Witness Accounts Business, you are allowed to open a zero balance All-in-one account, and you can choose to collect the account at domestic ICBC witness branch or ICBC (MACAU) branch.
ICBC (MACAU) branches:Branch network (Chinese Version)

☆ Features
1. You can pre-remit to the witness account of ICBC (MACAU) so you can prevent the risk of carrying cash out of China.
2. To use simplified Chinese characters on application forms.
3. You can manage foreign capital through ATMs and internet banking.
4. More favorable ICBC (MACAU) account service charges.

☆ Target Clients
The service is only applicable to individual domestic residents obtaining foreign (overseas) long-term visa pass (valid for more than three months) and for the purposes of overseas study, dispatching, laboring or other long-term overseas residence purposes.

☆ Service Channel
1. Witness accounts service agency:
The domestic branch list (Chinese Version)
2. ICBC (MACAU) business contacts:
Business registration address: 17th Floor, ICBC Tower, Macau Landmark, 555, Avenida Da Amizade, MACAU
Email address: acctopen@mc.icbc.com.cn
Tel: (00853) 83982353, (00853) 83982351

☆ Account Opening Process
1. You need to submit your Chinese ID card , Passport and address proof. Fill up the application forms in the domestic ICBC branch under the witness.
2. Collect your information from Witness branch and sent it to ICBC (MACAU).
3. When ICBC (MACAU) completed the application information checking, we will immediately open a personal account for you. This also includes: Electronic-banking, Elite card or E-Age card.
4. After opening an account, Elite card or E-age card will be posted to the branch territory and notify you to collect. Password letter will be sent to your specified address.

☆ FAQs
1. After completing the account application, how long you can receive the card of bank account?
A: About 10-15 days.
2. How about using the Debit Card at ATMs?
A: (1) ICBC (MACAU) card is a debit card of China "CUP" standard and MACAU "JETCO" standard. The card can be used to draw cash at ATMs marked with "CUP" logo or "JETCO" logo in MACAU, Hong Kong, China, and other countries/regions, and at POSs marked with "CUP" logo or "JETCO" logo around the world.
(2) ATMs in MACAU marked with "JETCO" logo: you can draw cash, check balance, transfer money between accounts of ICBC (MACAU), change password, request apply cheque book/monthly statement, interbank transfer between accounts in MACAU banks, and pay bill (credit card bill, tax or phone bill) via JETCO's "JET Payment".
(3) ICBC (MACAU) card can be used to draw RMB at any ICBC ATM in mainland China, up to RMB 20,000 each day (currency can be MACAU pataca, HK dollar and RMB, maximum is 20,000 MACAU pataca, 20,000 HK dollar and RMB 20,000). You have to pay service fee for the withdrawal.
3. What is service hotline number?
A: Domestic customers simply dial the phone within 95588, select "7", and select "0", transfer to "2", and enter "2". You can enter the roaming financial hotline. If being in Macao, you can directly dial: (853) 88995588.
4. Through the domestic ICBC branch witness open a personal account with you directly in Macao opening, is there a difference?
A: No difference.
5. Remit to ICBC (MACAU) witness account need to exchange other currency?
A: When sending remittance from other banks to ICBC (MACAU) account, at the "receiving A/C No." fill in the payee's A/C No. in ICBC Macau. By default, HKD remittance will be credited into HKD current account, FX remittance into multi-currency savings A/C. You can also fill in the All-in-one A/C No. Upon receiving FX remittance, ICBC (MACAU) will confirm with you the receiving account and currency.
6. What is ICBC (MACAU) website?
A: www.icbc.com.mo.

The above is for reference only. Details refer to the rules drawn up by local ICBC branch. To save your time, please call your local ICBC before applying for the service.
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