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ICBC Macau

In July 2009, ICBC Limited injected all assets of Macau Branch into its holding subsidiary Seng Heng Bank of Macau to form Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (Macau) Limited ("ICBC Macau"), with subsequent additional cash contribution. After the integration, ICBC Macau has 13 branches and 4 wealth management centers. The Branch has strong competitive edge in retail banking, Internet Banking, trade finance and IT platform.

(I) General A/C Service
☆ Introduction
You can open independent account or consolidated account in ICBC Macau, in Macau pataca, Hong Kong dollar or RMB.
☆ Features
1. Deposit in consolidated account opened in ICBC Macau can be in Macau pataca, HK dollar, US dollar, Australian dollar, Canadian dollar, Euro, Sterling pound, Japanese yen, and New Zealand dollar. Macau residents can open RMB sub-account under the consolidated account.
2. ICBC Macau sends monthly statements for you to reconcile accounts.
3. In Macau, you can use bank card to draw cash at ATMs, or use cheque, passbook to draw cash at the ICBC Macau counters with the identity document for account opening.

(II) Bank Card Service
☆ Introduction
Apply for an ICBC Macau Money Link card, E-Age card or Elite Club Account card if you wish to draw cash at any ATM.
☆ Features
1. ICBC Macau card is a debit card of China "CUP" standard and Macau "JETCO" standard. The card can be used to draw cash at ATMs marked with "CUP" logo or "JETCO" logo in Macau, Hong Kong, China, and other countries/regions, and at POSs marked with "CUP" logo or "JETCO" logo around the world.
2. At ATMs in Macau marked with "JETCO" logo: you can draw cash, check balance, transfer money between accounts of ICBC Macau, change password, request apply cheque book/monthly statement, interbank transfer between accounts in Macau banks, and pay bill (credit card bill, tax or phone bill) via JETCO's "JET Payment".
3. ICBC Macau card can be used to draw RMB at any ICBC ATM in mainland China, up to RMB 20,000 each day (currency can be Macau pataca, HK dollar and RMB, maximum is 20,000 Macau pataca, 20,000 HK dollar and RMB 20,000). You have to pay service fee for the withdrawal.

(III) Elite Club Account Service
☆ Introduction
ICBC Macau offers exclusive Elite Club Account services for top-class customers. No account management fee is collected for the first year. From the second year onwards, no fee is collected if you have over 500,000 Macau pataca on average every day, including all the deposit and investment (market value), in ICBC Macau.
☆ Features
A range of exclusive banking services is available for the Elite Club Account customers of ICBC Macau: better interest rate for fixed deposit, discounted fee for investment services and insurance services, housing mortgage services, and preferential banking services. Elite Club Account customers have the first priority to be served (green channel marked with "Elite Club Account" logo) at ICBC branches in Macau and mainland China.

(IV) Remittance Services
1. Remittance from other banks to ICBC Macau account
When sending remittance from other banks to ICBC Macau account, at the "receiving A/C No." fill in the payee's A/C No. in ICBC Macau. By default, HKD remittance will be credited into HKD current account, FX remittance into multi-currency savings A/C. You can also fill in the All-in-one A/C No. Upon receiving FX remittance, ICBC Macau will confirm with you the receiving account and currency.
When sending remittance from mainland China to ICBC Macau account, SWIFT CODE: ICBKMOMXXXX
For transfer from other banks in Macau to ICBC Macau account, ICBC Macau's Bank Code: 107
2. Remittance from ICBC Macau to accounts of other banks
Two main options for sending remittance from ICBC Macau to accounts of other banks: 1. at the bank counter, 2. via Internet Banking.
Sending remittance via Internet Banking has the following advantages:
(1) High efficiency: before sending remittance, "save as template" first and the system will store the remittance data. Next time when you send remittance, choose "template" and the system will retrieve the application template, fast and easy.
(2) ICBC Macau Internet Banking provides two passwords for authentication. The electronic certificate stored in USB-Shield ensures your remittance safe.
(3) Fee for sending remittance via Internet Banking is only 40% of the remittance fee at the counter and remittance amount is capped at USD 1 million in one day.

(V) Electronic Banking Services
1. Internet Banking
ICBC Macau Internet Banking website: www.icbc.com.mo, Internet Banking services of ICBC Macau include:
(1) Check accounts: check via Internet Banking to know anytime the financial position, including checking all the assets, balance in card/account, cheque account transactions, card/account transactions, statement enquiry and downloading.
(2) Transfer/remittance: transfer services of Internet Banking allow you to transfer money to any account in ICBC Macau or to HK, mainland China and abroad, low cost and fast. You can use "Online remittance settled in advance" to send money up to USD 50,000 or equivalent. The payee will receive the remittance in RMB to avoid risk in the exchange rate. The remittance is credited to the account on the same day.
(3) Fixed deposit: opening of fixed deposit, enquiry, change of instruction for matured fixed deposit, and withdrawal of fixed deposit in regular period. All the above can be done at home.
(4) Online FX: latest market prices and FX trading services help you make use of any opportunity to trade foreign currency online to make profit.
(5) Report loss: when you lose ICBC Macau card or passbook and cannot go to the bank to report loss, log on Internet Banking to report the loss to make sure the amount in the account is safe.
 (6) Personalized setting and services: Many options for you to set your own Internet Banking, including:
Change logon option: two options: "username + password" or "card No., A/C No. + password". You can set your favorite name as logon ID and no need to remember the 19-digit A/C No. or card No.
Customize home page: place your most concerned functions onto the home page.
Add, delete registration account: manage the account whenever necessary.
Set e-channel: place your most frequently used functions onto e-channel for fast access.
Set my payee: add your payee to "My payee" and next time when you make transfer, just choose the payee from "My payee" and no need to fill in payee details again.
Search: a function for you to search Internet Banking using keyword.
(7) Schedule transfer: sign the schedule transfer agreement online and set the cycle and number of periods for outward transfer. The system will automatically execute the transfer on the day you set.
(8) Check payroll slip: check details on the salary, overtime pay, and bonus.
(9) Sign balance adjustment agreement: when the balance in your account is insufficient, the system will automatically transfer amount from the adjusted account for payment. Adjusted account can be account of different currencies and ICBC Macau's system will automatically convert the foreign currencies.
(10) Bill payment: pay all types of bills online via personal Internet Banking, from water, electricity and telephone fee, top up to pay merchant and repay credit card.
(11) Online Securities Services: Through Personal Internet Banking, you can meet all your investment requirements on HK stocks: buy/sell stocks, check HK stock quotes, check transactions, customer position portfolio, account balance, trade record and market advisory.

2. Telephone Banking
☆ Introduction
ICBC Macau's telephone banking (automated voice system): (853) 8398 2982
ICBC Macau's telephone banking (call desk): (853) 8398 2983
ICBC Macau's customer service hotline: (853) 889 95588
A lot of your personal banking transactions can be completed by phone, no need to go the branches, which saves much time.
☆ Advantages
(1) Simple steps, no service fee: just use your HKD/MOP current/savings account opened in ICBC Macau.
(2) Easy, fast: just use touch-tone phone to call anytime, anywhere for your banking needs.
(3) Computer processing, confidential and reliable: enter the 6-digit account number and 6-digit PIN for computer to check and verify, confidential and reliable. Password can be changed anytime.
(4) Wide range of services: Three large categories: wealth management, credit card services and fax services. Services available are enquiry of deposit rate, exchange rate, account balance, account transfer, payment for credit card, water, electricity and telephone bill, opening of fixed deposit, monthly statement request, cheque book request, changing password, enquiry of credit card account balance, statement balance, minimum payment amount and due date and request for credit card monthly statement and other application forms.
(5) Multi-lingual, 24-hour service: Choice of services in Cantonese, Mandarin or English. 24-hour phone services. Call desk service hours: Monday to Friday, 9:00 (AM) - 5:30 (PM).

(VI) Open Account in ICBC Macau
☆ Introduction
ICBC Macau works with ICBC Asia to offer services for customers to buy/sell HK stocks. ICBC Asia is the agency and custodian for ICBC Macau. Range of services offered by ICBC Macau are: buying/selling HK stocks, settlement, custody services for securities, acting on behalf of shareholders, subscribing new stocks on behalf of customers, custody of securities and settlement.
☆ Target Client
Individual aged over 18. Before opening stock account, ICBC Macau follows the "Anti-money laundering guidelines" and "Know your customers" guidelines to check the identity of the customer.
☆ Operation Guidelines
1. Open account at ICBC Macau outlet with your valid identity document and assign one HKD current account as the settlement account.
2. Fill in application form, after which you will receive an account card, risk disclosure statement (customer copy), terms and conditions - investment product, terms and conditions - derivatives products, fee schedule and trading password.
3. Trading hours: Hong Kong Stock Exchange: 10:00-12:30 (AM), 2:30-4:00 (PM), closed on HK public/statutory holidays. Stocks bought or sold in HK stock market are settled in T+2 days.
4. Stock trading hotline: (853)2878 9188
5. Stock trading options: two options as below:
(1) Call customer manager or "Trading hotline" of the stock center.
(2) Via the Internet.

(VII) Service Hours

Service Channel

Service Hours

Main Branch
Dynasty Branch
Hotel Lisbo Branch
PG (Montepio) Branch
PG (Wan Keng) Branch
SML (Largo do Senado) Branch
SML (Nov Comercio) Branch
Areia Preta Branch
Toi San Branch
Ferry Terminal Branch
Hung Kai Si Branch

Monday to Friday: 9:00 (AM) -17:30 (PM)

Hoi Wan Branch

Monday to Friday: 9:30 (AM)-18:00 (PM)

The Venetian Branch

Monday to Friday: 10:00 (AM)-18:30 (PM)

ATM, Phone Banking, hotline for reporting lost card, Internet Banking services

24 hours

Online securities trading services

Trading day:
6:00 (AM) -12:30 (AM)
14:30 (PM) -16:00 (PM)

Buy/sell stock via phone

Trading day:
9:30 (AM) - 9:45 (AM) (bidding time)
10:00 (AM) -12:30 (AM)
14:30 (PM) -16:00(PM)

(VIII) ICBC Macau - Branches
ICBC Macau - Branches (Chinese version)

The above is for reference only. Details refer to the rules drawn up by local ICBC branch. To save your time, please call your local ICBC before applying for the service.
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