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Visa Application Service

☆ Description
A professional agency designated by the ICBC can apply visas of various countries on behalf of customers. Application documents and charges will be delivered between customers and the third-party agency through designated ICBC outlets. The ICBC is only in charge of the collection and delivery of related documents and is exempt from such duties as verification of application documents, visa issue, and dealing with complaint and disputes concerning this service. 

☆ Service Channels
You can apply for the service at designated ICBC outlets. Please send messages to 95588 or call local customer service hotline 95588 before applying for the service.

☆ Operation Guide
1. Application: Customers can apply to a lobby manager or a customer manager for the service. The manager shall brief customers with information on agencies co-working with the ICBC for visa application.
2. Preparation for visa application documents: Customers can consult the co-working agency about visa application by phone. The agency will help customers to get related application documents ready.
3. Delivery of application documents and charges: Customers shall prepare documents according to the list provided by the agency and then send them to a designated ICBC outlet that can handle this service. The lobby manager or customer manager shall collect the documents according to the list and then ask the customer to sign the agreement provided by the agency. The manager shall pack up the documents for delivery. Also, the manager shall help the customer to pay for the service by remitting the visa fees given on the list.
4. Delivery of application documents: The lobby manager or customer manager shall deliver the application documents to the agency by express.
5. Check of visa application documents: After the agency receives the documents, it shall check them according to the requirements of the embassy. If the documents are incomplete or unqualified, the agency shall directly contact the customer for supplementation.
6. Visa application: The agency shall make visa application according to the customers' need. Services include submitting the visa application, reserving visa interview and accompanying the customer during the interview.
7. Visa delivery: After the verification of the embassy, the agency shall collect the visa and deliver it to the original designated ICBC outlet by express.
8. Visa collection: Customer shall collect visa with his/her valid ID documents after it is delivered to the ICBC outlet.

The above is for reference only. Details refer to the rules drawn up by local ICBC branch. To save your time, please call your local ICBC before applying for the service.
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