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Service System
☆ Payroll card
It is a theme credit card providing exclusive "ICBC Salary Manager" service. Issued to the personal payroll customers, the card serves as a unified bank medium for identifying the customer and providing services.
☆ Salary Express
It is an exclusive settlement package for "ICBC Salary Manager" customer. Except for no banking charges for non-local deposit/withdrawal/remittance to ICBC branches, it also provides differentiated settlement services with branch features. Please contact local branch for more details.
☆ Salary Premium
It is a portfolio designed to help personal payroll customers realize diversified investment and wealth management. It mainly includes periodical financial products, financial products customized by institutions, products associating deposit accounts with investment accounts and products for flexible currency management. It also offers customers with convenient and fast channels for subscription and application.
Salary Premium I, provides personal payroll customers with an increase in the time deposit rate for half a year or a year in proportion to the average daily balance of the current deposit of his/her contracted account; Salary Premium Ⅲ opens special account that conducts deposit in installments while withdrawal in lump sum under the contracted account of personal payroll customers and accumulates interest based on the higher deposit rate than the nominal interest rate of the deposit date. It not only allows the customer to use funds flexibility but also increases his/her gains from wealth management.
☆ Salary Lending
It refers to the convenient financing services for personal payroll customers, and mainly covers personal credit loans, personal consumer loans, self-service pledged loans and Easy Loan and qualified credit services.
☆ Salary Benefit
Personal payroll customers can enjoy multiple preferential services from ICBC, which include no payroll card annual fee and management fee on small account, no banking charge to open (replace) payroll card, no ICBC Messenger charge for reminding account balance during the service period, as well as exchange discount services, precious metal services and account investment services.
☆ Salary Enjoyment
Personal payroll customers can enjoy exclusive value-added services, including "e-Buy" group purchase, alliance of franchised merchants, theme activities on experience day, reward for personal comprehensive bonus points, and star-rating plan for personal customers.

The above is for reference only. Details refer to the rules drawn up by local ICBC branch. To save your time, please call your local ICBC before applying for the service.
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