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Intelligent Asset Allocation Service

☆ Introduction
Intelligent asset allocation service is a family financial asset management service provided by ICBC customer managers in the personal customer marketing system, which mainly consists of two parts. First, asset diagnosis divides the financial products held by customers in ICBC into four categories of cash, fixed income, equity and alternative to see if the proportion of various assets is appropriate, and puts forward adjustment suggestions to promote the long-term steady growth of customers’ financial assets. Second, asset planning includes daily income and expenditure planning to help customers arrange their daily lives, insurance planning for their health protection and wealth inheritance, education planning for their children’s education fund reserve, pension planning for their pension reserve, etc. Asset planning first helps customers to set quantitative goals for the above needs, and then provides product portfolios to help them achieve these goals as far as possible.

☆ Description
1. Asset diagnosis: According to robustness, profitability and liquidity, the financial products held by customers in ICBC are divided into four categories: cash (such as deposits), fixed income (such as wealth management products), equity (such as stock funds) and alternative (such as gold), and their allocation proportions are calculated separately and automatically analyzed for appropriateness according to the quantitative valuation model of ICBC. Finally, specific suggestions for product adjustment will be given.
2. Daily income and expenditure planning: It automatically calculates the daily fund reserve to be reserved according to the income and expenditure of customers in daily life. It also recommends savings deposits, cash management products and money market funds with good security and high liquidity to customers for the allocation of daily income and expenditure reserves.
3. Insurance planning: It includes health insurance planning and whole life insurance planning for wealth inheritance. For health insurance, the system automatically calculates the insurance amount according to the gap of medical expenses, outpatient and hospitalization expenses of major diseases, and total loss of income after illness in the areas where customers and their spouses are located, recommends suitable insurance products and prepares premium payment plans. For whole life insurance, the system makes customization according to the customers’ wealth inheritance needs.
4. Children’s education planning: According to the current age of each child in the customer’s family, the age of high school education or higher education, and the place of study, the education reserve fund at different stages of high school and above is calculated automatically, and according to the quantitative valuation model of ICBC, the monthly investment plan is made to help customers achieve the reserve goal.
5. Pension planning: It automatically calculates the pension reserve required after retirement according to the current age, retirement age, life expectancy and consumption expenditure level of customers and their spouses, and helps customers make monthly investment plans to achieve the reserve goal according to the quantitative valuation model of ICBC.
6. Large-sum fund preparation planning: It automatically calculates the large-sum fund reserve gap according to customers’ goals of buying houses and cars and starting businesses, and helps customers make monthly investment plans to achieve their reserve goals according to ICBC’s quantitative valuation model.

☆ Characteristics
1. Tailor-made personalized planning plan. Based on the characteristics of customer life cycle, individual daily income and expenditure, children’s education, pension, housing purchase, large-sum funds and other need, and internally set assumptions on education at home and abroad, reasonable inflation rate, discount rate and other parameters, the system automatically calculates the various financial goals of each customer in different time periods.
2. Quantitative allocation of major assets. Within the scope of customer risk tolerance and through quantitative analysis of various basic markets, a major asset allocation model is built to optimize the proportional allocation of cash, equity, fixed income and alternative products.
3. Intelligent investment in all kinds of products. Through the valuation model, monthly intelligent investment is made in the portfolio of various broad-base indices, fixed income and deposit products to achieve the medium and long-term investment goals of children’s education, pension and housing purchase.
4. Round-the-clock market monitoring. Various basic market prices and broad-base index volatility are monitored on a daily basis. In case of triggering the threshold, customer managers promptly exchange market information with customers to help them stick to long-term investment.
5. Timely rebalance of the product portfolio. Major assets and specific products are regularly rebalanced according to the market value of the portfolio to help customers to achieve their financial goals as far as possible.

☆ Channel
A dedicated customer manager provides you with intelligent asset allocation services.

☆ Notes
1. You can check the name, contact information, outlet and other information of your dedicated customer manager at any ICBC outlet, and your customer manager will provide you with asset allocation services. You can also log into ICBC e Link APP - “My” - “Contact ICBC” - “Contact Customer Manager” to inquire about the information on your dedicated customer manager and the manager will provide you with asset allocation services.
2. If you do not have a dedicated customer manager for the time being, you can ask any ICBC outlet to designate a dedicated customer manager to provide you with asset allocation services.

The above is for reference only. Details refer to the rules drawn up by local ICBC branch. To save your time, please call your local ICBC before applying for the service.
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