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Open-ended Funds

☆ Introduction
An open-ended fund refers to a securities investment fund that varies as investors buy in and redeem, and allows investors to buy or sell at banks on agreed open dates. Open-ended funds apply within the People's Republic of China, and currently only accept RMB business.
Entities involved:
1. Investor: A fund investor is a contributor to the fund, an owner of fund asset and a beneficiary of investment return. Fund investor should be natural person or legal person in the Peoples' Republic of China (except those restricted by laws, regulations and rules).
2. Manager: An agency professionally engaged in the management and investment of fund asset.
3. Custodian: A professional financial institution such as a commercial bank responsible for safeguarding fund assets
4. Sales agency: Besides direct sales by fund manager, open-ended funds can be sold by commercial banks or other agency approved by regulatory authority.
5. Registration Authority: A government agency for registration, responsible for opening and management of investors' fund unit account, registration of fund units, confirmation of fund trades, distribution of dividend, building up and keeping a roll of investors.

☆ Features
1. Rich variety of products. Open-ended funds that ICBC represents cover major types of fund in China: Stable Fund, Bond Fund, Index Fund, Capital-Protected Fund, over hundreds of open-ended funds offered to carter to customers' different risk preferences.
2. Wide network of sales offices. ICBC outlets across China are ready to offer great convenience for you to subscribe and redeem open-ended funds.
3. Powerful E-banking functions. ICBC Internet Banking offers a range of fund investment services. Through these services, fund account can be immediately used once opened. and you can buy/sell open ended-fund easily, check und assets clearly. Some ICBC branches even offer services of subscription, purchase and redemption through Telephone Banking.

☆ Service Channel
Services are provided at ICBC outlets, through Internet Banking or Telephone Banking. To save your time, ICBC recommends you to trade through Internet Banking or Telephone Banking.

☆ Friendly Reminder
1. Trading hours: 9:30-15:00 Monday to Friday, except national and public holidays.
2. Only one fund trading account can be opened in one area. Opening of account is not limited in trading hours. You can only open one TA account in one fund company. The banking hours to open TA account are usually the same as the trading hours of fund company.
3. Charges can be levied through front-end load and back-end load. Front-end load will have charge levied when subscribing or buying fund. Back-end load will not have charge levied when subscribing or buying fund, but levied when redeeming fund. Charge decreases on yearly basis as holding years increase. See circulars from your fund company on the details of front-end load and back-end load.

The above is for reference only. Details refer to the rules drawn up by local ICBC branch. To save your time, please call your local ICBC before applying for the service.
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